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  1. ER New Grad RN - Previously Paramedic
    Anybody who works in the ED and has for more than a day knows about Paramedics, EMT's and the differences in scope. Is prehospital experience helpful? I am probably bias, but I think it most...
    Apr 25, '15
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  2. Student Loans... HELP!!
    Knowing your credit is less than stellar should be incentive to find alternate ways of affording your education. Private loans generally have higher interest rates than federal loans. Assuming you...
    Mar 6, '15
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  3. Army Direct Commission with a entry level MSN. . . Is it possible
    You need to contact an AMEDD recruiter specifically, if that is not who you are in contact with already. Like the previous poster, I have not ever heard of a direct commission MSN without a BSN, but...
    Mar 2, '15
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  4. Chances of getting hired... will ACLS help?
    Agree with previous poster. It will take some time to learn cardiac rhythms and drugs, but you can do it. In short, yes, I think it would be beneficial comparing you to another new grad. If you...
    Feb 21, '15
    Forum: Cardiac Nursing
  5. Radiology Nursing
    Interventional radiology is a specialty in nursing and you wouldn't need any additional formal education to obtain a position. I think you do need critical care experience, but I am not certain...
    Feb 16, '15
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools and Colleges
  6. NP vs PA
    Larry I think you misinterpreted what elkpark was trying to say. Yes, a nursing license and BSN are required to begin an NP program. However, that doesn't mean each candidate applying has...
    Jan 29, '15
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  7. Did anyone judge you for being a male nurse?
    I also work in the ED and don't know of any particular instances when someone has judged me for being a male nurse. I have had men of all ages make comments about wanting a good looking female nurse...
    Jan 27, '15
    Forum: Men in Nursing
  8. Student Loan
    Work as much as you can to accrue overtime hours, live a very frugal lifestyle, and dump all of your extra money into your loan debt. Unfortunately, you have a long road ahead of you. It might not...
    Jan 14, '15
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  9. Army Options
    This topic has been covered previously. Try using the search function and you will likely find all the information you need. I personally have commented on similar posts, so I know they can be...
    Nov 12, '14
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  10. Bad reference from prior employer?
    It's a tough market for nursing right now. While it's not out of the question that your previous employer may be talking with future employers and giving a bad reference, I would not discount the...
    Sep 15, '14
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  11. Schools that accept low undergrad gpa???
    Unfortunately, as the other poster mentioned, all schools have different metrics for admitting students. Your GPA will make it very difficult for entry into any ABSN program. You might think about...
    Sep 5, '14
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  12. RN Certifications?
    Are you looking for any type of certification or board certifications? You will want to clarify because there is a difference between certifications such as ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc compared to board...
    Sep 4, '14
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  13. Dysrhythmia: challenging an exam question
    I'm with klone. Unfortunately, you should have known that counting each box as 0.2 seconds would have made an irregular rate/rhythm. Just think logically through that error. The cardiac cycle...
    Sep 3, '14
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. Getting to the gym?????????
    A lot of people hate it, but pick up running or high intensity interval training (HIIT). It's the best way to burn a lot of energy with a tight schedule. That's what I did through school and also...
    Sep 3, '14
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  15. Best undergrad. major before BSN/MSN program?
    I am a second degree nurse and I agree with llg completely in each point made. Do yourself a favor and change your major to nursing now if this is the path you choose. There is absolutely no...
    Sep 3, '14
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  16. Interested in flight nursing
    Thanks FlyingScot and PMFB-RN for your input. Do you both still actively fly or have you since moved back into the hospital setting full time? I have heard that pay isn't as high as many...
    Aug 31, '14
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  17. Is it worth it to go into nursing?
    Only you will be able to accurately answer that question. Many people can provide insight, but ultimately only you can decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. Don't break the bank with student...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  18. How many times?
    This is the funniest thread I have seen all week!
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  19. Will joining the military help pay for nursing school?
    You can enter at anytime you like to which ever component you choose which was why I recommended a generic recruiter. A health professions recruiter will pass you off unless you have a BSN and are...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  20. Interested in flight nursing
    PMFB-RN, I plan on transferring to an ICU in a level 1 trauma center after some experience in the ED. I know some nurses there and have been there before completing my senior practicum there. ...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  21. Are starting wages negotiable?
    Yeah the negotiation generally and should come before you agree to an offer. It's not unheard of to negotiate after the fact, but you may risk losing the opportunity. As others have mentioned, try...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  22. Will joining the military help pay for nursing school?
    There are a few different paths to take in joining the military. Yes, the military will help pay for your education, or loan repayment after you graduate, whether you participate in ROTC or not. I...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  23. Interested in flight nursing
    Flyingscott, do you think MICU experience is preferred over CVICU? Does it matter what type of ICU experience you have granted it's a high acuity medical center? I ask because I would expect...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  24. Failed A&P twice!!
    I wasn't going to comment here, but I am with BostonFNP and Medic. There wasn't a reason to be defensive after reaching out for some advice. I would comment though, that if you were unsuccessful...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing
  25. Interested in flight nursing
    I am working in a emergency department which is also viewed as beneficial so I am told. I think some people actually consider it a part of critical care. I would agree at times with critical...
    Aug 30, '14
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing