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  1. Lpn to Rn
    :redbeatheDoes any one of a program in california where if you have been an LPN for 10+ years you can become an RN by experience or challenge the RN boards. Meaning if you are an LPN you can use your...
    Apr 22, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  2. For anyone in the NCC program or who has completed it...
    Any thing is possible. I went to capital community program i was told the same about working and going to school. I had a full time and two part time job through the program. I graduated 11 years...
    Jul 16, '08
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  3. New Grad Needs Some Advice
    Manchester is a small community hospital, where St fransis is a lot bigger. Manchester doesnot handle trauma. So if you're looking for excitment go to St fran. I think manchester pays better....
    May 28, '08
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  4. New Grad salary only 45k???
    Which school are you attending fot your RN/BSN?
    May 23, '08
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  5. Anyone starting at St. Vincent's College in Fall 08??
    Where is St.Vincent college located?
    May 22, '08
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  6. Help with picking a school
    I think capital would be better because you would be doing your nursing program there. I took all my science at capital and i had no problems.:no:
    May 22, '08
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  7. nursing school
    does any one know of a nursing bridge progran from Lpn to Rn in vermont. Someone was telling me they think it's a 9 month progam. If any one know the name of the school please let me know.:no:
    May 22, '08
    Forum: Vermont Nursing