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  1. The University of Texas at Arlington
    Hi ICURN99, I am currently in my last week of both those classes and Yes, u will need the mytechlab access. You will take two non-graded test on that site that count as participation credit for...
    Sep 13, '11
    Forum: University of Texas Arlington Online Nursing
  2. The University of Texas at Arlington
    chybabe, thank yo so much for your response. i also work full time and am worried i might be taking on too much at one time? however, i think i'm just gonna dive right in and see how it goes. ...
    Jul 30, '11
    Forum: University of Texas Arlington Online Nursing
  3. The University of Texas at Arlington
    Does anyone have any information on Professional Nursing A & B and technical writing? I was considering taking both concurrently and was curious of the work load of each class. I am starting in the...
    Jul 27, '11
    Forum: University of Texas Arlington Online Nursing
  4. Texas Health Resource
    RNSV, Congrats on the job offer! What are the details of your position, GN, residency, magement? Just wondering why you are now interviewing with the CNO? Good Luck!
    Jun 10, '11
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  5. RN to BSN near Austin?
    university of texas at arlington (uta) in dallas/fort worth are has on online rn-bsn program that you can do complete online from anywhere in the country. the uta rn-bsn academic patrtnership...
    May 24, '11
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  6. advice for a new nurse starting in the cvicu
    i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing such valuable and useful information!
    May 22, '11
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  7. El Centro Fall 2011 program
    cam 2006, You are welcome and Good Luck!
    May 18, '11
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  8. El Centro Fall 2011 program
    I'm a grad of this program and if you get accepted the envelopes should be white, 9 x11 packets. I'm not sure what the envelopes look like if you were not accepted.
    May 17, '11
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  9. Finally!!
    That is such great news, Congrats and good luck!
    May 15, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  10. List your school if you use HESI exit exam.
    El Centro College, Dallas, TX
    May 15, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. calling ALL newly licensed NURSES.......[3yrs<]
    Started to apply to jobs (with no luck) Oct 2010 Graduated Dec 2010/ ADN NCLEX and licensed in Jan 2011 2 interviews in March One GN summer 2011 job offer in April 2011 2nd GN summer 2011 job...
    May 8, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure