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  1. Hi All, kinda new and feel frustrated for flubbing an interview ?
    I am also a new grad and I have two interviews under my belt. I have also mulled over my responses considering if that is the reason I haven't gotten a call back. I'm thinking it's better to forge...
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Introductions / Greetings
  2. Would love some feedback on my resume'!
    I am struggling with my resume, also! One suggestion I can offer is based on what I have read elsewhere on this site: Eliminate the "Objective" section from your resume because it takes up valuable...
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Nursing Resume Help
  3. What do I say when I call the nurse manager tomorrow?
    Good luck with your job search! Suggestion: Unless they have already indicated how they would like to be addressed, use their last name.
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance