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  1. New grad RN jobs in Minneapolis area
    HCMC will typically hire new ADN RN's, but it does help to have someone internally who is able to forward your resume onto the hiring managers. I know Healtheast is very particular about wanting...
    Apr 7, '13
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  2. MSU Moorhead RN-BSN vs St. Scholastica vs UND vs Mankato...
    When I started the program last fall we were the first class to endure the changes that had been made to the program. I am hopeful that they now have the kinks worked out of the program across the...
    Sep 9, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  3. Why don't I have a job right now?
    I am right there with you. I passed my boards last August and have yet to find a job. I have applied for hundreds of jobs since last August and have not even got an interview yet. I also had my...
    Sep 5, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  4. RN-BSN in MN
    I also went to St. Scholastica and I had to take one religion class which focused more on spirituality than Catholicism. The nun that taught my class was very interesting and open minded, never...
    May 13, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  5. MSU Moorhead RN-BSN vs St. Scholastica vs UND vs Mankato...
    I am currently in the process of completing the RN to BSN at St. Scholastica. I looked at other programs also, but the driving force behind why I chose St. Scholastica was the time frame in which...
    Apr 16, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  6. NCLEX Results
    I took my test on a Thursday last summer and my results were posted to the BON online license verification by 8 am the next day.
    Mar 18, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  7. Nursing Schools in Minnesota
    I believe most nursing schools waiting lists are at least a year long. I completed my RN in May at LSC in Duluth. I was on the waiting list for a year before being admitted. The one thing that you...
    Jan 16, '10
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  8. how long does it take an adn to get a bsn
    The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN offers a 9 month online RN to BSN program. It can be pretty intense at times, but the reward in the end will be well worth it. You do have to have your...
    Jan 12, '10
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning Tips
  9. Any Books Recommended for bio A & P  for self study before I take the course?
    Another option that you could try is to listen to A&P lectures online. Dr. C from St. Scholastica actually posts his A&P lectures to Itunes and they are very good. I found them to be very helpful...
    Jan 11, '09
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  10. Advice for an AD
    Most AD programs will require you to have A&P and Chemistry completed before you can even apply to a program. I am not sure what the waiting list situation is in the Twin Cities, but I know that...
    Dec 21, '08
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  11. Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!
    Hello, my name is Jessica and I recently passed the PN-NCLEX :yeah:. It is hard for me to actually adapt to calling myself a nurse. I will be starting the RN program at the end of August, I can't...
    Jul 18, '08
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  12. LSC/Duluth
    I am not from the Duluth area so I am not sure where Bixby's is. I do not know the reasoining behind why they are going to the GPA method, but I do know that most of the schools in the cities...
    Feb 4, '08
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  13. LSC/Duluth
    With a 4.0 I am guessing that you will be just fine. For your first semester I strongly recommend a rolling backpack. We spent close to $600 on 12 books and 5 instructor packets for our first...
    Feb 3, '08
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  14. Minnesota Roll Call
    I am from the Twin Cities, but currently living in the northwoods of MN. I am in my second semester of the LPN program at LSC in Duluth and hoping to be admitted to the RN program for Fall of 2008. ...
    Feb 3, '08
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  15. LSC/Duluth
    I am currently enrolled in the LPN program at LSC and am hoping that my GPA is good enough for the 2nd year, which is the RN program. The only recommendation that I can give is to make sure and keep...
    Feb 3, '08
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  16. Roll Call---How many start their RN this month!
    I start the program on August 27th and I can't wait :smiley_aa. We actually have an orientation session on Augut 23rd for a few hours. We were actually provided a list of our books in May, which I...
    Aug 4, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  17. Pathophysiology class online??
    I had Patho online for Fall semester and actually withdrew from it because I was not getting what I felt I would need out of it. I'm sure that there are many great online Patho classes out there,...
    Dec 24, '06
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  18. ***Pathophysiology Club '06***
    I am also taking Patho this fall, so far it has not been bad, but it is only the second week. The one thing that I don't like is that Patho is only offered online through the school that I am...
    Sep 9, '06
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  19. Pathophysiology
    There is also a podcast from the College of St. Scholastica out of Duluth, MN that is available for download from itunes. I have found this to be helpful as my patho class is an online class.
    Aug 23, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  20. Great - 9 months to go and I may have to quit...
    I would like to help also. I have not yet been accepted to a nursing program, but feel that you should not drop out. You have nine months left and then you will be able to make a better life for you...
    Aug 22, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Student