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  1. FMC
    Not aware of any unions. Good luck with getting answers to your questions. I had many unanswered questions also. Resorted to calling the HR hotline. It took 3 weeks of phone tag to find out that HR...
    Apr 8, '12
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  2. Do your RN's work as techs?
    [QUOTE=madwife2002;6161914]Just wondering do your RN's take a pod of patients and work as a tech? Does your Manager ever take a pod of patients?[/QUOTE I am required to take a pod when a tech is...
    Feb 21, '12
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  3. FMC staffing policies
    I am a new employee of FMC. I am being told that any PTO I have scheduled can and will be rescinded if the clinical manager needs to be away (meetings, personal time etc.) I certainly understand the...
    Feb 4, '12
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology