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  1. Heads up - internship in April
    Hey lilwbprincess... How is the internship going? You had responded to my post about not finding a position here in portland a few months ago. I applied today for the oshu neurosciences internship?...
    Feb 10, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  2. What am I doing wrong??
    To lilwbprincess.... Hello... I was curious to see how the OSHU ICU program was going? I was going to PM you but realized I can't due to not posting enough... lol. Anyway... I am still looking...
    Jan 23, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  3. What am I doing wrong??
    Well at least some nurses are being hired... unfortunately I am not interested in moving to Eugene. Especially after I just recently moved all from california to Portland. Plus I love Portland and...
    Jan 21, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  4. What am I doing wrong??
    Sorry to hear about that nrsnic... That is unfortunate... Times are rough right now!!! Just have to stay positive... Even sometimes it's tough to even do that :0(
    Jan 14, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  5. What am I doing wrong??
    [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Thanks for your support! I know I saw that OSHU internship and am kicking myself for not applying!!! Well congrats on getting in somewhere! Im sure it's a great program... ...
    Jan 8, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  6. What am I doing wrong??
    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][FONT="Arial Narrow"]Hello fellow nurses... So... I moved to Portland from California in August 09. (I used to live here so I am not a complete transfer, lol!) I am an RN and ...
    Jan 6, '10
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  7. HIring freeze?
    Thank you Kristie! I was thinking about applying there because I heard through the grapevine that they opened up a new cancer center!!!
    Aug 27, '09
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  8. HIring freeze?
    Thanks for the reply... I know I need to just go for it! I am waiting for my children to start school before I start searching but I will take your advice... many thanks!!! :nurse:
    Aug 26, '09
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  9. HIring freeze?
    Hello nurses... Just returned to Portland after ten years in California and am going to start looking for employment. Are all of the hospitals still on a hiring freeze? The last post was in may...
    Aug 21, '09
    Forum: Oregon Nursing