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  1. Holy Name Hospital vs Christ Hospital Nursing Program
    Holy Name is an extremely competitive program with great NCLEX pass rates. The real benefit of Holy Name over BSN programs is the number of hands-on clinical hours. I just graduated, and during the...
    Jun 22, '14
    Forum: New Jersey Nursing
  2. Online BSNs - good reputation?
    Hi, I'm looking into my RN to BSN and want an online school with a good reputation that will help me get into future MSN/NP programs. Would anyone recommend Walden U, Drexel Online, Thomas Edison...
    Apr 30, '14
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  3. Holy Name Hospital
    I’m so excited to be starting in the Holy Name RN program for Aug 2012! I would love to chat with some of you incoming ’11 students to get some wisdom for the upcoming semester. I have my books,...
    Aug 5, '12
    Forum: New Hampshire Nursing
  4. Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing
    I’m starting at Holy Name next month... are there any incoming or second year students out there who would like to chat before the course begins? I DO have to take Micro, but have already taken...
    Aug 5, '12
    Forum: New Jersey Nursing
  5. Best Quality Community College for Pre-Reqs in Northern NJ?
    Just wondering if anyone has advice for community colleges that offer the best quality courses for fulfilling prerequisites? I'm thinking about Essex, Passaic, Bergen, and possibly Morris Counties. ...
    Apr 1, '10
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student