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  1. Anybody go to Keiser?
    I only used Richland for a small loan, $2000. The loan I will be needing for 2012 is much more than that, so who knows if I will get approved again. Big difference between $2000 annd over $30k. I am...
    Jun 13, '11
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  2. Anybody go to Keiser?
    When I asked if Richland was based on score I was told no...the school made it sound like it is a promised loan if Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo declined me (which they did...I have a repo on my record...
    Jun 12, '11
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  3. Anybody go to Keiser?
    Hi, I also have a question for anyone attending or who attended Keiser. How did you pay for things like rent, car payments, food etc while in clinicals? The school strongly encourages not working...
    Jun 9, '11
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  4. Keiser University and cost of living
    Hi everyone! I read many threads, but this is my first posting. I can't say how much this site has helped already! I was accepted in January '11 into Keiser's ADN program, core classes to start Jan...
    Jun 4, '11
    Forum: Florida Nursing