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  1. Sentara BSN 2014
    Whew, crazy long night, I was accepted also. Kept checking email from iphone and it never showed up. When I checked actual computer it was there. Congrats to everyone. I am ready for this new...
    Jun 30, '13
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  2. Sentara BSN 2014
    Does anyone know if in the past the notifications came out earlier than the 30th? So many decisions to make and everything is dependant upon acceptance to Sentara's program. Also, I was suprised to...
    Jun 21, '13
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  3. Sentara BSN 2014
    I did contact them today after posting and was told they look at all the average, ranking and scores as a whole and each individual area.She would not give a definite set score, of course, and people...
    May 22, '13
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  4. Sentara BSN 2014
    Does any one that has applied to Sentara BSN for Jan. 14. know what the average TEAS V score is that will get you into the program? And also, do you know what part of the score do they look at.
    May 22, '13
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  5. health science chem, AP 2 and stats in one semester
    I need to take health science chem, AP 2 and stats all this semester. Has anyone attempted these three together. I don't work and do not have children at home. Thanks
    Jun 30, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  6. TCC in Hampton Roads Prerequisites
    Which science is the best to take in a summer session? I have Chm 121 chem for health science student, microbiology and AP1 and AP2 to take? I am trying to plan spring, summer and fall for next...
    Nov 10, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  7. Hampton Rds nursing programs
    Bob_N_VA The website for Riversdie states they have class M-F 6 am to 430. Do you actually stay until 430 everyday? How much study time have you had to spend in the evenings? I am just think about...
    Aug 21, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  8. Hampton Rds nursing programs
    thanks Bob, I am seriously considering Riverside. I live in Norfolk, so driving across bridge and through tunnel can be a issue but it is actually the closest to my home. The day program has a 6 am...
    Aug 15, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  9. Hampton Rds nursing programs
    I am starting again to take classes to get into a nursing program. I am currently looking at TCC and Sentara, but even considering Riverside in Newport News. Does anyone in currently attend this...
    Aug 13, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  10. TCC A & P question
    that's great to know. I don't mind working with others but when they don't participate in a resonable time, it drives me insane.
    Nov 13, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  11. TCC A & P question
    Kelly* I have heard from many people the professor that does online through Norfolk is great for 142. I had her for Human Biology 100 and it was a good course. She is informative. I understand that...
    Nov 12, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  12. Has A & P been difficult for you?  I feel really dumb!
    I have registered to take A P 1 in the spring and like some of you am in my 40s. I have not had Chemistry. At the local CC I do not have to have chemistry if I can succeed in AP 1 AP 2 and Micro. My...
    Nov 11, '10
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  13. TCC A & P question
    Okay, so I see the online professor. I was trying not to do the online lecture. I signed up for Wednesday lecture on the TCC Chesapeake campus and Thursday Lab with a different professor. Wish I...
    Nov 11, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  14. TCC A & P question
    For those who have taken online Lecture, how did you do lab? Just pick anyone or the same professor?
    Nov 8, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  15. TCC A & P question
    thanks, its good to see that it is possible to take it online successfully.
    Oct 23, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  16. TCC A & P question
    Has anyone taken the TCC A & P bio 141 online? The Norfolk campus doesn't seem to have a good class choice for me. The online professor is highly recommended. thanks
    Oct 22, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  17. Tidewater Community College May 2010 acceptance letters?
    Congratulations to all that have been accepted!! I am currently taking classes at TCC and have decided to go into nursing. I need AP 1 & 2 and micro. along with the sdv 101 then I can apply. I have...
    Jul 20, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  18. MCI
    Can you give me some information about the MCI RN program? How long is the program? What pre requisites did you need to start? Are you at the VB MCI? Do you know if their RN program in accredited?...
    Jul 19, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  19. order of prerequisites
    I need to take most of my prerequisites before applying for nursing school. I wanted opinions on the order I should take them. I work fulltime and can only take take classes on evenings and on...
    Jun 30, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  20. MCI Va Beach
    what are the prerequis for the MCI RN program?
    Jan 31, '10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  21. A&P at TCC
    I will have to send you a private message about the professors at TCC, you are not suppose to mention them by name on here (I made that mistake already and received a little message reminder that it...
    Aug 9, '09
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  22. A & P online or in the classroom???
    What is everyones thoughts on taking A & P online? How many have taking the class this way? or is it absolutely a class that should be taken face to face! I know the lab portion is in the lab but the...
    Aug 8, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  23. A&P at TCC
    My professor is listed as being on the Norfolk, Campus and no I haven't looked at the Yahoo Site yet.
    Aug 6, '09
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  24. A&P at TCC
    this rate my professor site is interesting! I am worried though, the A & P professor for my fall class only has two ratings/comments and they are both bad! It is the only class I can take this...
    Aug 5, '09
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  25. A&P at TCC
    I am with you, I am enrolled for it this fall also. I talked to a lady who just finished it at TCC this spring and summer and she said it just takes a lot of studying. She said she spend alot of time...
    Aug 4, '09
    Forum: Virginia Nursing