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  1. Anyone accepted into kc penn valley adn?
    Is Penn Valley as competitive to get into like some of the other schools (JCCC)?
    May 19, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. National American University???
    I called them and they said classes are only held during the week day.
    Apr 22, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  3. National American University???
    Does NAU offer evening and weekend classes?
    Apr 7, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  4. Evening/weekend classes
    Thanks for the information. I'll check into them also!
    Mar 28, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  5. Evening/weekend classes
    Thanks for taking the time to reply!! I didn't know about Donnelly so I'll check it out. Have a great day!!
    Mar 23, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  6. Evening/weekend classes
    Does anyone know of any nursing programs besides JCCC that offers evening/weekend classes in the Kansas City area? I already have a bachelors degree so I've been looking into BSN programs as well....
    Mar 22, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  7. national american university
    Hi, where did you end up going? I'm looking into NAU also and have the same questions. Thanks.
    Mar 8, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  8. National American University???
    If you look at the list of schools Kansas State Board of Nursing accepts, NAU is listed but it shows their accreditation in progress. Does that mean we can attend NAU and be able to sit for the NCLEX?
    Mar 3, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  9. employment outlook for KS RN's
    I live in the Lawrence area and recently started nursing school at Neosho county in ottawa. If you haven't already you might check into the school. I am looking into NCCC myself. Do you know if...
    Mar 3, '11
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  10. How to get my CNA in Kansas!? Should I go thru JCCC?
    I know there is a school that teaches CNA in Olathe..I think its kansas college of nursing...pretty sure they have classes all the time. This is true, but it's kind of expensive. JCCC is about...
    Mar 3, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student