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  1. GF Strong Vancouver, BC
    i had a friend that worked there and she quit after a few months, she said that there was alot of verbal abuse from some of the patients and she just couldn't take it any longer.
    Apr 7, '08
    Forum: International Nursing
  2. Fingerstick Glucose Testing-Do Alcohol Wipes Interfere w/ Results?
    This just happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I got 9.4mmol, did not use an alcohol swab, as I was taught it wasn't necessary. The paramedics got 2.9mmol and the paramedic said to always use an...
    Apr 27, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. Anyone Lost A Baby?
    I lost at 12 weeks, after trying for so long. I had fallopian tube surgery and got pregnant immediately after. It was devastating. I cried and cried and thought that I would never stop. But...
    Apr 23, '07
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  4. Scrubs
    Army and Navy has...and yes, there still is one in New West. Marks Work Wearhouse...Walmart....Zellers(sells Cherokee)... There is a store in Langley, can't remember the name , but it is expensive....
    Mar 8, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  5. Any nurses in Thunder Bay?
    I am a former Thunder Bay-ite... Don't miss it there at all! From what my parents tell me, the unemployment is really harsh there. I go back every couple of years, and see so much closed or in...
    Mar 8, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  6. A few questions for you...
    Hi, I hope you all can help me. I am 7 months pregnant. Lately I have been feeling short of breath. I am not cyanotic and my SATS are good. I feel like I cannot get a good breath unless I yawn. ...
    Feb 13, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. A sTuDenT nUrSe wHo NeEdS a MeNtOr ;)
    I don't know if you need an RN or LPN. I am an LPN, but would help you if needed. I also recommend you put this thread in the Canadian Nurses Forum, too.
    Feb 12, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. When staff accuse resident's of being racist?
    We used to have a lady who would say horrid things to care aides that were Philipino or East Indian. Stuff like "Jesus doesn't like brown people." She was really nasty and I used to feel so bad for...
    Jan 28, '07
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  9. Canadian LPN poll
    Hi Fiona, thanks for the info. I was aware of the Alta. license requirements and that I would have to do the practicums in Alberta, but I didn't realize they could send you where ever. I have...
    Jan 19, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  10. Canadian LPN poll
    LPN for 10 years. Live in PoCo, work in Surrey. Work in LTC, same job for 10 years...scary! We are currently looking for 8 full time LPN's in my facility alone, not to mention casuals. I would...
    Jan 18, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  11. What is the silliest complaint someone has ever made aboutyou?
    I once had to tell a resident that her perfume was so strong that the other residents in the dining room were complaining. One said it was so bad that she couldn't taste her toast. Well her son...
    Dec 21, '06
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  12. is this abuse
    Wow, good topic! We had a woman who had COPD, who would SCREAM for her puffers all the time. It was so hard to deal with, name calling, swearing, etc, and it seemed to worsen when families were...
    Dec 9, '06
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  13. ABout to start LPN program in Vancouver
    Sounds about right...42k...
    Dec 6, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  14. Athabasca University?
    Sorry, can't help you, but i have been interested in doing this for awhile. Could you tell me how long the preceptorships are? I know I would have to register with Alberta College of LPN's, and do...
    Nov 25, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  15. Where to live in Vancouver??
    Had to move all the way out to Port Coquitlam to afford a house. Rented a place in English Bay that was 900 a month, and that was 7 years ago. It is sooo expensive in Vancouver. I would recommend...
    Nov 25, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  16. Vancouver Nurses
    I live in Port Coquitlam, work in LTC in
    Oct 31, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  17. Pregnant and can't lift?
    I work in LTC and have always pulled my weight when I wasn't pregnant. My responsibility is for meds, treatments and assessments. The care aides are responsible for lifting residents, etc., that...
    Oct 30, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  18. fear of vomit?
    I hate vomit. I get queasy when I hear someone wretching. Working in a LTC facility, I get paranoid when we have an outbreak of gastroenteritis (ie: Norwalk). I am so afraid to get it. I'll deal...
    Oct 30, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  19. Pregnant and can't lift?
    I miscarried at 11 weeks and an currently pregnant and 12 weeks. I am a high risk pregnancy and high risk to miscarry again as I have have several episodes of bleeding. My doc told me no lifting...
    Oct 30, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. new lpn grad and flu clinics
    Check with your college's practice consultant. Here in BC LPN's cannot give immunizations. It is not in the scope of practice. However, as mentioned above, there is a course now, which will let...
    Oct 25, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  21. Vancouver Nurses
    It was called Yandy's, but I noticed about a month ago it was closed. It sold Avida uniforms, our work is still gettig the catalogues, though, so I don;t know if it moved locations.
    Oct 23, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  22. Funniest thing a new nurse said/charted/asked...
    I had a new nurse come to me and ask if it was "normal" for a patient to not have a pulse. Needless to say, I kept a straight face and told her no and assist her with the death of a patient...
    Oct 13, '06
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes
  23. Sprott-Shaw..DO or DONT?
    I did my nursing through a college 10 years ago. But I can say that I have had Sprott-Shaw and Stenberg students for their final practicums. These girls paid big bucks to get in, $19-20,000 but...
    Oct 10, '06
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs
  24. ABout to start LPN program in Vancouver
    Hi and welcome. I did my nursing 10 years ago and the thing that helped me was taking some courses earlier, like anatomy and physiogy and the dumb English thing that everyone had to take. Be...
    Oct 2, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  25. Vancouver Nurses
    The Broadway store is a good one, but pricey. There used to be a good one in New West, but I noticed the other day it closed. Army and Navy has nice uniforms, so does Walmart and Zellers. Marks...
    Sep 19, '06
    Forum: International Nursing