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  1. New Grad Hiring??
    The BSN is last year's diploma. They are really pushing for them.
    Sep 9, '09
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  2. Iowa - RN Pay
    Healthcare costs in Iowa are lower than the national average. Plus the cost of living why you nurses are getting paid a lot less.
    Aug 26, '09
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  3. Iowa - RN Pay
    Years ago in NJ my wife was making $30ish at a hospital, but worked per diem with Maxim and was making $50. Just three 12hr days a week and she was banking $900. One of my best friends did travel...
    Sep 8, '08
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  4. Iowa - RN Pay
    The state does have great benefits. I work IT for the Board of Medicine right next to the Board of Nursing. But jobs within Polk County are far and few. And some of them might not appeal to someone...
    Sep 6, '08
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  5. Iowa - RN Pay
    Mercy in des moines has a great daycare building right across the street. Its cheaper than other places + the staff there is awesome. My kids (almost 4 and almost 3) love going there. Their health...
    Aug 27, '08
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  6. Iowa - RN Pay
    My wife is working full time at Mercy now. 12 years experience net her just under $27/hr. Yuck. I guess they give you a dollar for every 2.
    May 3, '08
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  7. Iowa - RN Pay
    Iowa has a low cost of living though... In NJ, you make much more...but you won't pocket as much at all, especially if you have insurance in there. Extra money spent on gas, sitting in...
    Jan 24, '08
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  8. Iowa - RN Pay
    my wife is makin $37.50/hr nightshift w/ full benefits here in NJ. so expensive to live here though its nasty.
    Sep 8, '07
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  9. Iowa Nurses getting BSN degrees online - where & any problems with BON?
    Beware of UoP. There's a TON of bad stuff about them allover the net.
    Sep 6, '07
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  10. Iowa - RN Pay
    I called Mercy in DSM and they told me their starting pay for RNs before education and experience is factored in is $20.20
    Aug 8, '07
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  11. Iowa - RN Pay
    Jul 15, '07
    Forum: Iowa Nursing
  12. Iowa - RN Pay
    Raised in Iowa for 8 years, moved out to Jersey to live with my wife. Had 2 kids born here before and after a deployment of mine. Gettin sick of expensive city life and want to go back to the midwest...
    Jul 14, '07
    Forum: Iowa Nursing