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  1. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    I'm in team 4 and the course is up on blackboard!!!
    Jan 19, '13
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  2. Charity SON Fall 2012
    School is closed through Wednesday, more days to study!
    Aug 27, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  3. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I just received an email from my instructor and it says that Tuesday we meet at 8:00 for class at a specific room # and that we're covering professional behavior, infection and immunity. I'm not sure...
    Aug 19, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  4. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I logged in the bb site with regular ID and password (ID is everything before "@my.dcc email and password is 4 last digits of ss#) I didn't have to register for a course, it was already there on my...
    Aug 18, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  5. Charity SON Fall 2012
    How did you know you had a book voucher? I don't know if I have one. What is the value of the book voucher?
    Aug 16, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  6. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I called the lady yesterday and she said to not worry about the classes, they won't be dropped. Apparently, the money will reflect on the 15th in the acct but if you have any money is left over...
    Aug 14, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  7. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I am getting sooo frustrated about everything. First, even though I've already accepted my award, financial aid hasn't reflected in my acct yet and I'm so scared that they might drop my classes. I...
    Aug 13, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  8. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I thought that the lady who is the coordinator said that we are going to be able to use electronics in the clinical site but ONLY for educational purposes. The students that told us to not even bring...
    Aug 2, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  9. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Oh wow! That explains why since yesterday I've been trying to get in touch with someone in financial aid. I'm so thankful though that today as I was hanging up my last call to that dept. I saw an...
    Aug 1, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  10. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Thanx! @kubana87 also do u remember what did the nurse Pak come with? Thnx for all the info u give, it has helped me!
    Aug 1, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  11. Charity SON Fall 2012
    They told us that the eBooks were required for us to buy and the "bundle" is almost $500. So, if they r required for us (new in school) I wouldn't want to spend more money on buying hard copies if...
    Aug 1, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  12. Charity SON Fall 2012
    From what I understood, you can use the ID you already have if you went to Delgado because in October they're going to change the IDs and everybody will have to take a new one. He said you can get a...
    Jul 29, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  13. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Hello everyone! I enjoyed orientation too. I think I am also going to try to get the parking for $100 a semester at LSU lot. A instructor told us in the mini sessions we had at the end that since...
    Jul 26, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  14. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Ohhh really?! @bundoksaint that would be kool to meet the ppl who r gonna be in clinicals together! Can u tell us how your orientation was, if you still remember? That way we know more or less what...
    Jul 21, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  15. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    You have to print out the profile sheet from Charity's website. The sheet has everything you need with the points you should have of whatever you have accomplished. Be the most honest you can be that...
    Jul 17, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  16. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Hello everyone!!! I hope that ppl who registered on the 13th were satisfied with their choices. I'm so excited next month is orientation and in 2 months school starts!!! How's fundamental success...
    Jun 19, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  17. Charity SON Fall 2012
    The class nursing I is probably close now because registration is until tomorrow. The first time we were able to register, classes weren't open until the time it said in charity's website. You find...
    Jun 12, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  18. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I don't know any information about LSBN, I received my approval letter in the beginning of the month which I thought it was pretty quick! Were you able to register for classes on Tuesday? If you were...
    May 31, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  19. Charity SON Fall 2012
    i registered already! i did it this morning. i wanted (moderator edit of instructor initials - please do not post names/initials of instructors per tos) as my fist choice but for some reason i wasn't...
    May 29, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  20. Charity SON Fall 2012
    That's good that you know or have an idea of what instructors to pick since you have friend/people u know that are at charity or have graduated already. I have no idea of what instructors are good or...
    May 27, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  21. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I've been checking constantly and it still says "no holds" I hope it stays that way and it doesn't pop out on Monday. I had to do my TB a week apart not 3 like the paper said and I'm scared of that...
    May 27, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  22. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Omigosh! That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that :( where did u check for holds? In the LoLA system or in self-serve? I checked the LoLA system and I don't have any holds but I couldn't log in...
    May 25, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  23. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I did see it too!!! the New-Admit list is being constructed so it's not available right now. I'm getting so excited about all this lol!:lol2:
    May 23, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  24. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I finally got my ID and password for LoLA system. I logged in and only saw nurs. 112 is open. That's so confusing though!
    May 22, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  25. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I am having troubles even logging in to LoLA, I don't know what is my ID and password. Can anybody tell me how to log in? Where did you get that from?
    May 21, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing