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  1. visa screen certificate not yet given
    Hey, how about your IELTS exam? When did you pass? They will not issue you a Visa Screen Certificate if no IELTS result submitted to CGFNS.
    Jun 13, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  2. How many pinoys in the house??
    I'm from the "Queen City of the South" Cebu City. Working as RN in Florida.
    Dec 6, '06
    Forum: Nursing in Philippines
  3. Filipino Nurses From Cebu?
    Definitely we belong in the same agency. I'll be leaving on April 4 too in one of the Florida Hospitals. See you then in the airport.
    Mar 29, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  4. Filipino Nurses From Cebu?
    Hi I'll be leaving for Florida also on the first week of April. Where in Florida are you going? In what hospital? I'm from Cebu too.
    Mar 28, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  5. Getting Started on
    Thanks, Brian. It was very helpful to the new user like me.
    Mar 27, '06
    Forum: How To Use Site
  6. NVC -CP- GC Tracker
    Case completed: Nov. 8, 2005 Date interviewed: March 16, 2006 Me and my family are expecting our visa this week. Courier advised us that it is already in transit. We'l be leaving soon on April 3...
    Mar 21, '06
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  7. I'm a Nurse..HELP!!
    Hello, I only knew last Feb. 9, 2006 that I am included on the March list for the interview in US Embassy Manila. Anyway, goodluck. Hope you will be on the April list. Try to follow-up your status...
    Feb 11, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  8. I'm a Nurse..HELP!!
    Hi, Case closed last Nov. 8, 2004 and NVC advised me to wait for their notification. I'm so happy that I have been scheduled for the March interview in US Embassy Manila. So, I guess it will take at...
    Feb 10, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  9. NVC -CP- GC Tracker
    Hi, likewise. Im scheduled for interview on March 16, 2006. My PD date Feb. 6, 2004 and case completed Nov. 8, 2005.
    Feb 8, '06
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  10. Filipino Nurses From Cebu?
    Hi, I'm a nurse from Cebu, Philippines. Currently working as an OR-RR nurse in a private hospital for one year. I am now waiting for my packet 4 which is the medical and interview. How about you?
    Jan 24, '06
    Forum: International Nursing
  11. NVC -CP- GC Tracker
    Priority date: Feb. 6, 2004 Case completed : Nov. 8, 2005 Not yet scheduled for interview from US embassy Manila. I guess we will wait for the March schedule. It's almost two years of waiting. I'm...
    Jan 24, '06
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  12. I Got I-140 Approval,what is the next step?
    It depends. There are agency that will not process the application if no CG certificate. In my case, my agency already filed my application even I have the CG result only and got my priority date...
    Dec 13, '05
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  13. CGFNS exam
    Hi, Suzanne I would like to inquire regarding the CES. Four years ago (year 2001), I filed the CES form for CGFNS/ICHP 'coz this is required in Florida Bon. I took the exam 2002 but sad to say I...
    Oct 1, '05
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  14. Training materials---update
    Hi Suzanne, Hope you could also send me the two hundred meds, by trade name. I have a problem with answering q's about medications. I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
    Sep 9, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  15. Happy Birthday Suzanne!
    :hbsmiley: to you suzanne.... :biggringi :smiley_aa :balloons: :hatparty:
    Sep 3, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  16. Training materials---update
    Hi Ma'am Suzanne, Received your email and thank you, Ma'am. I'll be expecting more materials to come. God Bless. Take care, venz
    Aug 31, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  17. Training materials---update
    Hi Ma'am Suzanne, Hope you could also send me copy on your training materials. Thanks in advance. Take care.
    Aug 27, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  18. Immigrant Visa and Working Visa Application
    thanks, ma'am suzanne. i will follow what you've advised.
    Apr 20, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  19. Immigrant Visa and Working Visa Application
    Thanks for your quick reply. Just submitted my docs last week thru fedex. I am still waiting of their feedback. Can I have your e-mail add? 'coz they only need 175 nurses. 5 slots left for the new...
    Apr 19, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  20. Immigrant Visa and Working Visa Application
    Hello, I need some advise regarding immigrant visa and working visa. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. I passed the CGFNS and IELTS exam. Planning to take NCLEX in USA. I already...
    Apr 19, '05
    Forum: International Nursing
  21. How do you deal with an angry/anxious patient?
    I just want to say hello to everybody.
    Apr 18, '05
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations