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  1. CSN RN Spring 2013
    the double tube stethoscopes are both better and worse than single tube. The problem with the double tube is that you pick up more artifacts, such as the tubes rubbing together. The high dollar...
    Nov 15, '12
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  2. CSN RN Spring 2013
    Does anyone who's not insured know a good place to go for the physical and or vaccines/tb test? I was thinking the health department for vaccines, but will they do a physical?
    Nov 11, '12
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  3. CSN RN Spring 2013
    There are only enough seats for those in the program. I'm fairly certain that those who failed pharm 125 have to re apply for the program, at least that's the way I understand it... In any case, I...
    Nov 10, '12
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  4. CSN RN Spring 2013
    I got accepted into the spring 2013 program. so excited to start! Going into it blind though, glad I tried researching the program itself and found this thread, so much information that it's nice to...
    Nov 6, '12
    Forum: Nevada Nursing