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  1. The wait after the interview
    I hope the waiting pays off
    Jan 23
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  2. The wait after the interview
    That's true to. Thank you for looking at it positively :). I really need a change from where I am at now and this position seemed awesome (but for some reason I have this feeling that Im not going to...
    Jan 21
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  3. The wait after the interview
    They did not specify when I asked at the end of the interview. I just feel if they were truly going to offer the position to my they would have by now, or am I wrong?
    Jan 21
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  4. The wait after the interview
    I had an interview going on 10 days now and every day that passes I feel like I'm not going to be offered the job. I was told the decision will be made by the end of the month and I know the month is...
    Jan 21
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  5. Just had an interview
    Sorry I meant I don't have the interviewers email
    Jan 15
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  6. Just had an interview
    I don't have an email
    Jan 14
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  7. Just had an interview
    I've never done a thank you letter and have always gotten the job. This position has me nervous being that its a complete change for me. Adults to newborns. After the interview and talking with them...
    Jan 13
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  8. Just had an interview
    LOL thank you for the response. What are your thoughts on a thank you letter? I've never done one before but I'm really interested in this job.
    Jan 12
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  9. Just had an interview
    The interview went overall good. I could have improved on my introduction but my nerves still had the best of me and it wasn't until was started talking some that I felt more relaxed. I asked when...
    Jan 12
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  10. newborn nursery
    I have an interview coming up this week for newborn nursery. I've been a RN for 1.5 years mainly with adult patients. I am extremely nervous about interview especially since it will be a panel...
    Jan 7
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  11. Thinking of applying for a NICU job
    I'm going to be as honest as I can be, and I'm looking for input. I'm starting to think I hate nursing. I've primarily been doing mental health nursing for the last 1.5years and I know its not for...
    Nov 8, '14
    Forum: NICU Nursing / Neonatal
  12. Military
    I currently have my RN ADN. I've been a RN for a 1.5years now. I've worked in critical care and mental health. Prior to that I was and LVN/LPN. I've been thinking about rejoining the military but I...
    Oct 16, '14
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  13. Max dose on drips
    Im new to CCU and im trying to get used to the max doses on certain drip. Ive seen that the max dose for levophed is 30 mcg/min and that's what we use at our hospital as well. My question to you all...
    Dec 12, '13
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  14. Sterile central line dressing change step by step needed
    I need credible references that provide a step by step sterile CVC dressing change, I was told I broke sterile technique by not putting the chlorhexidine in my non-dominant hand (which I made my...
    Oct 6, '12
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student