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  1. Goldfarb west county
    I got accepted into bjc mobap. I was wondering how long did it take to get through the wait list anyone that's currently there? And any advice about the program like class schedules and clinical....
    Jul 7, '14
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  2. Nightshift nurse worries
    Great threading I work nights not by choice I agree that working nights allow you to fly under the radar but if you are a strong worker you will no one will bother you as we'll during days. I feel...
    Oct 14, '12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  3. A&P -fall
    I finished a&p 1 and 2 with an B and A respectively, honestly the class isn't hard as some people say it is. For me missing 1 or 2 classes at the most for each semester and paying attention help is...
    May 28, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  4. Goldfarb College of Nursing at Missouri Baptist Medical Center
    Hey! Im applying there too i will be actually starting the same time either fall or hopefully summer of 2013. I have a friend that goes there now and they invited me to come a sit in a class. it was...
    May 25, '12
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  5. Waitlist
    I will be applying to goldfarb and maryville at the end of this semester is there any possibility of me getting in the fall
    Jan 12, '12
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  6. Schools
    Thank you for the great feedback a lot people think Barnes is the best but I wanted to make sure. Barnes really rubbed me the wrong way the counseler even said I should pick a different major but I'm...
    Dec 1, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  7. Schools
    Which school would you think is the best to go to between Maryville, Barnes, or umsl? I would be doing the last two years for either of the program...
    Nov 23, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing