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  1. "Taking a verbal" = writing your own orders?!
    I would be very careful when entering MD orders prior to speaking with the MD; here in SC, this is outside of our scope of practice, unless it is being ordered under a protocol or standing order. In...
    Sep 8, '14
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  2. Neo/Levo
    I have never heard of this either, and I would be very hesitant to administer and manage this gtt.
    Apr 1, '14
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  3. Question for trauma icu nurses
    The average day for a trauma ICU nurse is not much different than that of any ICU nurse. Get report, assess the pt, give meds, turn, pt care,turn, assess, turn,give meds, assess and turn haha. Most...
    Apr 1, '14
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  4. Rapid Response
    I work in a level 2 Trauma ICU, though we more often function as a level 1. Our hospitals RR system is based out of my unit. To be eligible to serve as the RR nurse, you one must have 2 years of ICU...
    Mar 31, '14
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  5. ICU to Behavioral Health?
    Hi, I have recently been offered an interview in the Behavioral Health facility that my current hospital also owns. I started in a level 2 trauma ICU right out of nursing school, and recently joined...
    Mar 5, '14
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  6. Trauma Centers- East Coast
    New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC is a level 2 trauma center...
    Jul 28, '13
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  7. Drugs to know in the Neuro Icu
    Nimodipine is another important neuro drug to know. It helps increase blood flow to injured brain tissue. Its taken orally or down an OGT/NGT. NEVER aspirate it and try to push it IV, pushing it IV...
    Jun 30, '13
    Forum: Neuro Intensive Care Nursing
  8. NP in the ICU
    I don't know about FNP's, but at one time, we had an ANP that worked for our intensivist service. She has since moved into another area of the hospital, and an ACNP has filled her role. We have had...
    Apr 7, '13
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  9. Trauma ICU to ER??
    I currently work in a Trauma-Surgical ICU, our hospital is a level 2 trauma center. I have been in the ICU for almost 8 months now. I am considering picking up a PRN job at a neighboring hospital's...
    Jan 21, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  10. CCEMT-P?
    This may be a dumb question, but I am slightly confused as to what the requirements are to gain the CCEMT-P certification. I may be reading it wrong, but does one have to be an actual EMT before...
    Jan 7, '13
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  11. Rapid Response
    This sounds very similar to the Rapid Response team at my hospital. Our team does many of the same duties, we also round on patients who have a PCA to make sure settings are correct and the...
    Dec 21, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  12. Sedation in ICU... your opinions/ experiences?
    I find it strange that you are sedating a Neuro patient, how are you then getting an accurate neuro check out of them, especially if they had deficits before the sedation?? Our neurosurgeons RARELY...
    Nov 17, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  13. RN rounding for Doctors?
    In my unit, the primary care nurse documents on our assessment flowsheets, and any documents as directed by our facility. We do not write progress notes in the chart. Several of the different...
    Nov 16, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  14. RN rounding for Doctors?
    Tewdles, the rounding RN's that I am speaking of work the same way, within a protocol or order set between the nurses and the MD. I did not mean to imply that the RN's were practicing outside of...
    Nov 15, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  15. RN rounding for Doctors?
    Just like meandragonbrett said, they work in contact with the MD, not the hospital. More often than not, the nurse is usually rounding with the MD, or just a matter of a few hours before. I...
    Nov 14, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  16. RN rounding for Doctors?
    No, they are not APNs, just RNs. Several have actually came from my trauma icu.
    Nov 13, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  17. RN rounding for Doctors?
    In the hospital I am currently working at, I have noticed that many of the general surgeons, neuro surgeons, and even the pulmonologist have experienced icu Rn's who round for them, write orders, and...
    Nov 13, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  18. RN-BSN Community Health Clinical hours...
    How did some of you all go about setting up your community health clinical? I am hoping to start the rn-bsn program in January, but I was concerned about this issue most of all.
    Nov 2, '12
    Forum: Western Governors University Online Nursing
  19. Do I REALLY need a BSN?
    I just graduated in May from the local ADN program, and I was hired immediately after graduation. I work in a level 2 trauma ICU. Here in the Pee Dee region of SC, the whole ADN vs BSN thing does not...
    Sep 16, '12
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  20. Teacher said grad hiring into ICU positions
    I am a new grad in my Trauma Surgical ICU... I worked as a tech during my last 3 semesters of nursing school, 4 months in float pool, and 8 months in my unit. It is possible to get an icu job as a...
    Jul 23, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  21. MSICU vs trauma ICU?
    I work in the TSCU (trauma surgical care unit), our hospital is a level 2 trauma center. We of course get any and all trauma pts, mva's, falls, assaults, crush injuries... you name it.. we also get...
    Jul 14, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  22. Should i become a nurse practioner or wait?
    Just personally, I believe that the area in which you gain bedside experience makes a difference. I can see where ltc and even med surg experience doesn't phase your ability to do well in NP school;...
    Jun 1, '12
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  23. New grad hired into Trauma ICU in a Level 1 Trauma hospital
    Dang, 6-8 weeks?? I will start my new grad orientation in 2 weeks, and it will be 16 weeks minimum. I have also been working as a level 3 Nurse Extern in my trauma surgical unit for 6 months now. I...
    May 28, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  24. Blood Stream Infections (BSI) in your unit
    Our unit does have several new nurses, including myself. Our director and educational department have been trying several different methods, but the BSI's are still popping up. I am not sure if we...
    May 28, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  25. Blood Stream Infections (BSI) in your unit
    We have recently had a spike in the number of BSI's in our Trauma unit. We have implemented several changes to reduce the bsi's but we have not seen much of a change. Currently, we bathe all patients...
    May 28, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing