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  1. Clackamas Community College (CCC) class of 2016 cohort
    Hi all! I'm a CCC grad (just finished up last week.) I thought I would pop on here and congratulate everyone! It's such an fantastic adventure, and I loved it. It's a tough road, but totally worth...
    Jun 23, '14
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  2. Clackamas Community College Fall Cohort!
    Christy24, Each class sets up their own. If there isn't one set up yet, message me, and I can help you with the details. NW Nursing
    Jul 25, '13
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  3. Applicants to Portland area schools 2013
    That is how Clackamas does it. They will want to get as many people to the orientation as are accepted at that point.
    May 22, '13
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  4. Which OCNE school to attend
    Congrats on the acceptances! I was in the position to choose between Clackamas and PCC. I ended up choosing Clackamas due to their fantastic options for clinical (specifically OHSU), the good...
    May 13, '13
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  5. Applicants to Portland area schools 2013
    The clinical for first term (Fall) is mostly lab based, health promotion (health fair) and immunization clinics. This term (Winter) we spent two weeks in a skilled nursing facility, but the other...
    Mar 15, '13
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  6. Applicants to Portland area schools 2013
    I'm currently at Clackamas, and would be happy to answer any questions about the program that people may have. I'm in my first year, and I really like the program.
    Mar 14, '13
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  7. What's the BEST nursing shoes?
    You might want to go to a New Balance store and have them fit you. I have New Balance walking shoes with an insole. I also have flat feet & bunions. They are super ugly, but super comfortable. Mine...
    Feb 8, '13
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  8. AAS at PCC or transfer to OHSU for a BSN
    They stopped offering the program becuase it was causing issues for enrollment at the community colleges. It was designed to help them increase their offerings for their students, but because of the...
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  9. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    Emmyers, That is great news. You took a chance, and look how well it worked out. I'm so excited for you. NW Nursing
    Jun 27, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  10. OHSU Nursing Campus Rating
    Oreo, Hi there! There are a bunch of great nursing schools in Oregon, and national OHSU ranks among the best. What is best for each person? I didn't even apply, even with a 4.0 and many other...
    Jun 16, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  11. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    PCC Waitlisters: I just officially declined my PCC slot for Clackamas College. Good luck to you all, and make sure you check back if you get the call.
    Jun 15, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  12. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    ME! I'm excited.
    Jun 14, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  13. OHSU acceptances/alternates
    Portland Medic, That is just great. Congratulations! NW Nursing
    Jun 8, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  14. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    Sasafras, They said they interviewed 80 people when we did the Q & A session. NW Nursing
    Jun 5, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  15. OHSU's Accelerated BSN program 2012
    SmallFry, I was just wondering that. Hmmm, worth a call, if that's true. NW Nursing
    Jun 2, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  16. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    Lilpoka, I've not yet decided where I'm going. I'm leaning toward Clackamas, but it's not a done deal yet. I'm super excited, and will be even more happy when it's all settled. I'm going to go to...
    Jun 2, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  17. nursing prerequisite help please
    Portland has a VERY competitive nursing school environment. Do some research on OCNE schools (Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education | Home) as well as the other schools. I got into nursing schools...
    Jun 2, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  18. Pregnancy: Before or After Nursing School
    I got pregnant with our second just when I started my prereqs. I took my time getting the courses in, as I was working full time. I then quit my full time job, and got a CNA license to get some work...
    Jun 1, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  19. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    That's great haleym and lilpoka. Where are you going Lilpoka, you got into MHCC right? So you have a choice between those two.
    May 31, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  20. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    I just got my acceptance to Clackamas. I'm really excited. :cheers: Now to decide between Clackamas and PCC. It's not as cut and dried for me as many post have discussed here. Anybody have any...
    May 31, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  21. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    Lilpoka, That is so true. Make a decision, and make it the right one for you. I keep vacilating back and forth between PCC & Clackamas (fingers crossed). Both are good programs, and they have...
    May 26, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  22. Applying out of state
    Check the OHSU accelerated BSN 2012 thread. I think there were a couple people there who got waitlisted at OHSU, but got into out of state programs, specifically Johns Hopkins.
    May 25, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  23. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    I ended up doing a bit of both. :) I think the interview went well. I so much prefer the interview setting over proctored essays.
    May 24, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  24. Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.
    Clackamas interview done! I can't decide how to spend the rest of my day: clean my messy house or watch bad TV on the couch? Decisions, decisions...
    May 24, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  25. Science courses for Nursing
    Our school had a 5 credit course that was Cell Biology for Health Majors. It was an intensive course (quarter long), and it was a requirement before you started A & P. There was two chapters of chem,...
    May 22, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student