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  1. New (great!) job...and yet I still don't want to be a nurse?
    @ [COLOR=#003366]freespyryt Being a wound care nurse really sounds great! But does working as an OR nurse ever come to your thoughts? There's still a lot of responsibilities to do for sure but is...
    Dec 25, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  2. NCLEX and Pearson Vue Trick
    Hi bethlearning! Which reviewer are you using? I used Saunders and La Charity and I found them really helping me so much with my exam. Don't give up. You can do it. Trust in God for He always has...
    Oct 13, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  3. Office nurse
    Congratulations! Just observe, learn and take advantage of all the experience that you'll encounter each day as this will help to build a very good foundation and become very confident of doing your...
    Sep 27, '13
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  4. RN Re_Entry course
    Hi! I've noticed that nobody answered your inquiry. Have you done your RN refresher course finally at South Dakota State University? Were the tests difficult? It seems to me that there are a lot...
    Apr 16, '13
    Forum: Vermont Nursing
  5. Planning to take NCLEX AGAIN on another state
    Hello aniemugundu! It's been a year now since you post this message and I just happened to read it. Anyway, you can do the refresher course at South Dakota State University through online. There...
    Apr 3, '13
    Forum: Retired Nurses / Inactive Nurses
  6. Vermont requires NCLES-RN Refresher course?
    Hi mark22 As you've mentioned in your post about Vt BON instruction, does it mean to say that if you passed the NCLEX in less than 2 years, therefore you can still renew your license without...
    Mar 28, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  7. Rn re entry clinical dilemma
    Hello aniemugundu Did you finally do your refresher course? Where did you do your clinicals? Is Fletcher Allen the only hospital who's giving the 120 hrs. of clinical? I'm having the same problem...
    Mar 28, '13
    Forum: Vermont Nursing
  8. Any RNFAs out there?
    Hello rncoco. I too would love to become a RNFA someday. I'm not there yet but I did a little research about it. Go to CNOR Certification and Recertification You need to take the CNOR exam to become...
    Dec 6, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  9. Failed nclex 3 times already help plssssss.. :(
    Hello babymay! Don't be discouraged. There are so many people who took this exam more times than you took it and finally passed the exam. If this is what you really want in life then go for it. Be an...
    Oct 21, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  10. Please Help
    Hi evgace! This post was been a while but I just would like to know if you finally end up working in Genesis ( Bel-aire or St Albans ) and how is the working condition there and what's the...
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: Vermont Nursing
  11. Hello fellow nurses
    Hello Fely! Welcome to! It's so nice to know that there's a Filipino nurse there in Maine. Which hospital facility are you affiliated with? Maine is one of my choices to work in. Is...
    Apr 3, '12
    Forum: Introductions / Greetings
  12. CA nclex-rn results for foreign grads with ssn
    Hi! I don't think so California will issue you a license without a SSN since you only took your exam last June and they made those changes with the SSN requirement since April 2011. 4 months is a...
    Nov 3, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  13. Endorsement  Application to Vermont
    Hi comeonlucas! I have the same problem in finding the right CES report for Vermont license requirement. I can't find any other post talking about it. So finally which one is comparable to the full...
    Oct 24, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  14. Rural nursing - who is hiring?   Training/orientation process??
    Hi luv2runRNnow! This post might be a bit old but I would like to know if you're still working in North Country Hospital and how is the hospital as to co workers, the management, the mentoring and...
    Oct 5, '11
    Forum: Rural Nursing
  15. NCLEX quick results in California
    It was such an agony of waiting because I was registered in CABON and they don't participate in the quick result so it took me around a month before I got my result. Good luck and God bless!!!!
    Oct 5, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  16. NCLEX quick results in California
    The trick works for me and I did pass the NCLEX-RN :anpom::nurse: :anpom:But don't lose hope. There's always a miracle that can happen. As you can read here in this forum, others made some mistakes...
    Oct 4, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  17. Transcript Validation Form
    Thanks for the info silverdragon 102.
    Sep 18, '11
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  18. Transcript Validation Form
    Hi Silverdragon 102! Please help me to find an answer to my question. I applied for a visa screen under CGFNS which just recently expired due to incomplete documents (NCLEX passing result). I...
    Sep 18, '11
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  19. Failed nclex 3 times already help plssssss.. :(
    Don't lost hope. You didn't get your official result yet. Miracles can happen. And if in case you still won't get the good result then don't surrender if your heart really desire to become a nurse....
    Sep 8, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  20. CA nclex-rn results for foreign grads with ssn
    Hello! Supposed to you can but I would suggest if you can ask any relatives who's living there to process your papers in behalf of you and make sure that you'll send to that relative an...
    Sep 6, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  21. CA nclex-rn results for foreign grads with ssn
    You're very welcome! :redbeathe
    Sep 5, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  22. CA nclex-rn results for foreign grads with ssn
    vermont has no ssn requirement but will only give you 3 chances to take the exam in case you won't succeed at first. texas has no ssn requirement also and can take the nclex no matter how many times...
    Sep 3, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  23. Taking the NCLEX this Friday Need Support =]
    As what everybody said, just make sure that you got that word successful delivery before you'll do the PVT. :dance::dance::dance:
    Sep 2, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  24. Taking the NCLEX this Friday Need Support =]
    :ancong!:Our prayers work! God is good :ancong!:
    Sep 2, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  25. CA nclex-rn results for foreign grads with ssn
    Good a.m cliffordortiz! Please click this tab and you will find answers to your questions.
    Sep 2, '11
    Forum: Advice on Immigration