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  1. New Grad to begin at Mayo in October
    Thanks for the reply! Right now I am trying to find temporary housing for October 15-mid November, since relocation assistance gets reimbursed after I start working, I cannot afford a deposit and...
    Jul 27, '12
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  2. USF upper division Summer 2011 applicants.
    Suejax---I just got your message, I cannot send a message because I have not posted the minimum amount of posts to be able to do that, so I will try to reach you this way. The interview at Mayo was a...
    Jul 26, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  3. Took NCLEX-RN today...keep getting good pop-up...still feel numb!
    Hi, I took mine yesterday and found out today that I passed. I had 75 questions, and half of my questions were SATA as well put in order. I also heard the same thing about getting the harder SATA...
    Jul 18, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  4. New Grad to begin at Mayo in October
    Great! Let me know how you're liking it so far after you begin! Maybe we can connect in the future :O)
    Jul 11, '12
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  5. St. Joseph - Marshfield Critical Care Internship
    The contract is actually 3 years now after the residency. I got accepted as a PACU resident but chose to accept an offer with the Mayo Clinic instead. In my interview I did mention my desire to...
    Jul 11, '12
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  6. Hello! Who Is Taking Their Nclex Exam End Of July
    Hi, I just scheduled mine for July 17th! I did the virtual ATI course and got the "Green light" to test. I also purchased the 2012-2013 Kaplan NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review. This has...
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  7. New Grad to begin at Mayo in October
    Hello! I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and I just accepted a position in the Gynecology Surgery unit at Rochester Methodist. I will be starting on October 22 and will...
    Jun 25, '12
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing