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  1. Healthcare Insurance
    Anyone else work at a hospital that just jacked up insurance premiums? UAB West in Bessemer just raised rated from $195 to $490 per month for family coverage. This is an outrage that amounts to a...
    Jul 17, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  2. The University of Alabama "The Capstone College of Nursing"
    I went to UA at first; Faculty are not very approachable. The Dean cares more about appearance and reputation of "The Capstone" than she does about students. Speaking from first hand experiences,...
    Jun 10, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  3. union vs non union
    Ain't no way I would sell my rights to speak for myself to a union.
    Dec 5, '08
    Forum: Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics
  4. University of Alabama Nursing
    I didn't mean to disturb you, but I was referring to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, not South Alabama.
    Nov 6, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  5. University of Alabama Nursing
    Yes it is that bad. A friend of mine went to school there for his basics; he needed an "override" to register for an anatomy class - just like every other nursing student, when he showed up with...
    Oct 31, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  6. University of Alabama Nursing
    I know several people who attended UA. My advice, don't do it. There are several other programs in West and Central Alabama that will do a much better job of preparing you to be a nurse, and the...
    Oct 31, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  7. Tossing around a move to Alabama...any suggestions on where to live?
    Lots of great places to live in Alabama, but stay away from Tuscaloosa- except for football. The crime rate is on the rise, housing costs are horrible, and DCH is the ONLY (acute care) place to work...
    Oct 20, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  8. Alabama license renewal for new grads
    I just renewed - also a May 2008 Grad. You need 16 hours, BUT 8 are specifically required. The 8 required are ALL online at the ABN website, and are very boring. They take about 4.5 hours to view...
    Sep 18, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  9. University of South Alabama Accelerated MSN WARNING!
    Buyer Beware. ALWAYS read for yourself. If you look at the program and course catalogs and the schedule of classes, you can figure out how long it will take you to complete a program. As for the...
    Aug 19, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  10. BSN vs. RN Salary
    An "Associate's Degree of Nursing" is a college degree. I gon't know of any organization that will hire a BSN into a "higher position" to "begin with".....sorry to disappoint, but every nurse will...
    Aug 5, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  11. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Hey ya'll, got my first and best job offer today........Weekends and Nights for $38 an hour! If we were unionized I could not have negotiated and gotten a better deal.
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  12. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Yes, and we too cn have 25% unemployment like France, or drive to Canada for elective surgeries like organ transplants, or wait 8-12 weeks for a hospital bed like England........oh, yeah, since when...
    Mar 9, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  13. RN job outside of hospitals
    May I suggest returning to college and training to be a Stock Broker or Lawyer. With all due respect, you are burned out with nursing. One should NEVER be in a career for respect or pay, because...
    Feb 26, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  14. getting into a program
    I am not sure where you live, or if you are willing to relocate/live on-campus, but the University of West Alabama in Livingston has an ADN Program that is fairly easy to get into. They base...
    Feb 11, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  15. Medical Center West
    Does anyone work at Medical Center West in Bessemer? If so, what are the pros and cons of woeking there?
    Jan 4, '08
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  16. navy nurse
    Right now, all Active Duty Branches must have a BSN to be commissioned as a nurse. The Army Reserve, however, still will commission you with an ADN, but I believe you must complete your BSN in a set...
    Nov 12, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  17. Cadbury Sweppes using "naughty nurse" in Dentyne ads
    I actually love the ad......wish all the nurses looked that good, and all the Drs looked like Patrick Dempsey.:beer:
    Oct 8, '07
    Forum: Nursing News
  18. To Bham Nurses....
    Does anyone know what knid of sign on bonuses B'ham hospitals are offering?
    Oct 7, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  19. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Sorry about the typo- wish it were 1-1 pt ratio; it is REALLY 1 RN; 1/2 LPN; 1 PCA for 8 med surge pts.......fingers are all thumbs sometimes, please forgive, but I still believe that the quality and...
    Oct 4, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  20. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Wow, I didn't know the patients in Alabama were receiving less than quality care? Last year my father spent 3 weeks in Baptist Health South CVICU, and I assure you he received EXCELLENT care. I was...
    Oct 3, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  21. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Don't forget though, that Unions are big business also. They are ONLY in it for the dues.
    Oct 1, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  22. Samc
    I am considering a move to the Dothan area, and was wondering what the working conditions and pay are like at SAMC? Also, does anyone live in Dothan and commute to Panama City yo work?
    Sep 24, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  23. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    What exactly is "the South's resistance to change?"
    Sep 24, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  24. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    If the Unions' priority was Nurse-Pt Ratio and other safety concerns, then why are they not here in Alabama advocating for that now instead of wanting to establish a union first? There is no law...
    Sep 23, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  25. Would you like nursing unions in Alabama?
    Personally, I don't need to pay anyone to speak for me. As far as pay, the union hospitals in California pay twice what non-union hospitals in Alabama pay......but then housing and other COL is more...
    Aug 20, '07
    Forum: Alabama Nursing