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  1. memorize about Paget disease....
    Platybasia is a spinal disease of a malformed relationship between the occipital bone and cervical spine. It may be caused by Paget's disease.
    Dec 9, '12
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  2. can't find the prioritization answer
    thank you for all you help, the right answer is #4. answer key from book: [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Goal in pain management for the client with an acute MI is to completely...
    Nov 18, '12
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  3. can't find the prioritization answer
    Q: you have give Morphine sulfate 4mg IV to a client who has an acute MI. when you evaluate the client's response 5 mins after giving the medication, which of these indicates a need for immediate...
    Nov 17, '12
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    HEMATOLOGY VALUES Red Blood Cell Values RBC (Male) 4.2 - 5.6 M/μL RBC (Female) 3.8 - 5.1 M/μL RBC (Child) 3.5 - 5.0 M/μL White Blood Cell Values WBC (Male) 3.8 - 11.0 K / mm cubed WBC (Female)...
    Nov 15, '12
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  5. Patient Prioritization Questions
    suggests three levels of priority setting: 1. the first ABC plus V ( airway,breathing,cardiac&circulation,vital signs) 2. concerns mental status changes,untreated medical issues,acute pain,acute...
    Nov 1, '12
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