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  1. Chamberlain college of nursing
    Just make sure whatever classes you take at chamberlain,that the credits are transferable to your state university's/colleges (If you so desire to continue your education after that)
    May 9, '12
    Forum: Chamberlain College Online Nursing
  2. CNA while in school
    Personally, I would say go for it ..........just like nursing81student said ,it will help you immensely,just be smart about it don't quite your banking job until you land a CNA job.Plus landing a CNA...
    May 9, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  3. Estrella Mountain Community College!
    No (Just purchase whatever books that are required for that block )unless you want to purchases all of them at one time ,so you can get a chance to look over some before class starts.-IF you still...
    May 9, '12
    Forum: Arizona Nursing