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  1. Error or Not an Error???
    if a pill is scored, has a depressed line across the pill, it can be split in two. the scored tablet has been manufactured to provide equal dosage on both sides of the score of the tablet. for...
    Mar 18, '09
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  2. What is the progression of O2 therapy for a patient?
    I know this is a broad based question, based on a whole myriad of variables, but using general principles withing the nursing scope of practice is this the correct progression... (1) Note what...
    Feb 16, '09
    Forum: Pulmonary Nursing
  3. Columbia SC Hospitals??
    I was wondering where TangoLima and MUSCgrad2007 ended up working and how they like it? I am graduating in a few months and would like to work on a surgical floor while I'm working on my BSN. I'm...
    Jul 22, '08
    Forum: South Carolina Nursing