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  1. UHM nursing school 2012 spring
    WOW!! I am hoping to get in Spring 2012 too but I don't know.....should I be also applying to HPU.. I really don't want to, because they cost so much more! and I don't feel like taking another...
    Jun 23, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  2. University of Hawaii-MEPN PROGRAM...anyone heard about it?
    Question? I had a 2.98 G.P.A in undergrad but I went to Graduate school and got a 3.8 GPA.. do you think they will take both G.P.A. or do I not have a chance? thank you.
    Oct 15, '10
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  3. MEPN Programs that don't have any pre-reqs (like Yale or UV)
    University of Hawaii of Manoa has a MEPN program.
    Mar 13, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student