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  1. 30+ club!  Lets do this together.
    I love this thread! I am 49 years old and will be 50 when I graduate with my BSN. :D I am taking my last prerequisite this summer and start nursing school in the fall. My husband and I have two...
    May 18, '13
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  2. UTMB Fall 2013
    I am still waiting as well.
    Apr 9, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  3. UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013
    I also received an acceptance email today. I am so excited! I am still waiting to hear from UTMB. If I get accepted there as well, it will be a tough decision. Congratulations to everyone that...
    Mar 19, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  4. UTMB Fall 2013
    @uhmanduh09 - I wouldn't move away completely! I just want a place to stay if I need to study for an exam or have a late clinical etc. I don't want to be driving to Humble if I am super tired. My...
    Mar 12, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  5. UTMB Fall 2013
    I also live in Humble. If I get accepted, I am hoping to find a roommate and/or a room to rent in Galveston. I am married and have two children in college so relocating my family to Galveston is...
    Mar 12, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  6. UTMB Fall 2013
    I am also locked out of Mystar. I am hoping that it is related to the system upgrade.
    Feb 17, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing