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  1. Just took the nclex- good pop up!!!?
    Congratulations!! And thanks for sharing all your experiences about the NCLEX. I have two weeks to take the nclex but my scores with kaplan Qbank is not encouraging me, am going from high 60s to low...
    Nov 27, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  2. I paaaaasss nclex-rn thanks god aleluyaaa ))
    Congrats! I failed my first attempt and it has been so depressing. I pray i will pass my second attempt.
    Oct 25, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  3. Failed NCLEX RN 3 times, 2012
    Hi Lainala, Great job! where did you get your tutor and how can i get one? please, please...... I really need help to pass my nclex rn. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
    Oct 23, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  4. Passed my RN boards on the 4th try!!!
    Congrats chioma!
    Oct 14, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum