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  1. Dominican University, River Forest
    hi there. i was wondering if there's anyone out there at Dominican University, either doing the 2+2 program, which is 2 years at dom for the prereqs then 2 years at West suburban. Or if anyone is...
    Jul 6, '09
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  2. North Park University BSN program?
    hey, i was just wondering if anyone on here is attending/has graduated from North Park's BSN program. i am looking into the school, and wanted to know if there is a wait list/difficulty on entrance...
    Mar 6, '09
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  3. Chicago State University
    was it difficult to get into the program?
    Sep 20, '08
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  4. Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison
    i was on the site and they said they do not have any pre-reqs..just pre-req courses. do you not which courses they want you to have?
    Sep 19, '08
    Forum: Chamberlain College Online Nursing
  5. Chicago State University
    *bump* anyone?
    Aug 28, '08
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  6. Omega Healthcare Tech school?
    Does anyone know anything about omega healthcare technical school? i'm trying to find an lpn program because it might be easier to get into rather than an rn program.
    Apr 22, '08
    Forum: Illinois Nursing