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  1. MedTech LPN/RN graduates
    Med Tech is only accredited for their LPN program. Here is the link for NLNAC accreditations in Indiana.
    Jan 26, '12
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  2. Pay Scale for Flight Nurses?
    Hi Patty. I was very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to start a nurse based flight team for our NICU in Illinois. I graduated with an ASN and was working towards my BSN when I made the...
    Jan 19, '12
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  3. NLNAC Spring 2011 Commission Actions. Wonder what happened.
    Most of the time it is due to not have fully qualified faculty. For example, adjuncts and full time faculty need to have a MSN. Not all schools do.
    Apr 14, '11
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  4. Wrench in my plans...
    Maybe you can carpool with someone. I know several people that currently drive from that area.
    Mar 21, '11
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  5. Ivy Tech Fall 2011
    Aces13 - If you have any questions about this study, then you can contact the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, who is conducting the study and there has been press already about it. The...
    Mar 21, '11
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  6. MedTech College
    I disagree...everyone can make a mistake, even pharmacy. Nurses need to know basic math. There are some situations where the nurse has to calculate the meds quickly. For example, a code or an...
    Nov 7, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  7. New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011
    Make sure to put your name somehow on your sucks to lose your stethoscope especially if you spend a lot of money. There are times you have to put your stethoscope down and anyone can...
    Oct 30, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  8. ITT RN Program
    There is a lot more to accreditation than just the outcomes (NCLX pass rates). They look at how the program is organized, how students are being prepared in the courses, exams, etc. There is a whole...
    Aug 20, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  9. Ivy Tech 'Fall 2010' Applicants
    It is obvious that many of you are very stressed. Ivy Tech has a very objective method to accept applicants. Having an interview would lead into subjectivity and is that a fair system? We would...
    Jun 9, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  10. Scope of Practice / Nurse Practice Act
    Your workplace should have a policy on what an LPN can do. The Nurse practice act is very vague on the roles. see page 44.
    Jun 8, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  11. New ASN graduate seeking advice for further studies
    First, what is your long term goals? Will a BNS suffice or a MSN? Some hospitals don't reward for higher degree advance for the bedside nurse in terms of pay. There are many college out there that...
    May 28, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  12. Ivy Tech 'Fall 2010' Applicants
    If you are going to decline, do it early! That way someone else can get your spot. Do it before the orientation day. Congrats to all that have been accepted!
    May 23, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  13. Orientation dates for accepted Fall Ivy Tech Nursing students
    They are on summer break until Wednesday, 5/19. Hopefully you will hear from them then!
    May 17, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  14. MedTech College
    Here are the pass rates for anyone interested. Can't get information earlier than 2008. ...
    Apr 7, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  15. MedTech College
    I would have to agree with kgle. Ivy Tech does not conduct interviews for their nursing program. Which campus are you speaking of? Definitely not the Indianapolis campus. It is pretty cut and dry....
    Mar 19, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  16. Ivy Tech Indy Program- Ob and Peds
    Here are my thoughts - the lectures are provided to you in audio format prior to the class. So, I wouldn't believe everything you hear. Okay, so lectures aren't face to face, but I wouldn't say...
    Mar 1, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  17. Nanda nursing diagnosis for cephalohematoma
    A cephalohematoma means bleeding has already occurred in the scalp. The newborn is at a higher risk for developing jaundice. Risk for injury would be appropriate as would knowledge deficit. Actual...
    Jan 3, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  18. Are A's Impossible at Ivy Tech?
    I just wanted to piggyback on kgle's response, "Lawrence takes 60 students for each cohort." Lawrence takes 60 LPN students and 60 RN students, for a total of 120 students.
    Jan 3, '10
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  19. Are A's Impossible at Ivy Tech?
    Are you speaking of the Indianapolis campus that there is a wait for clinical spots? There is only a wait in Indianapolis if a student fails or sits out a semester for health related or personal...
    Dec 24, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  20. low gpa any programs that will accept me in indianapolis in
    You may want to go to the Indianapolis forum where there are threads on this topic already. Pros and cons for why not to go to MedTech.
    Nov 30, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  21. How many students does Ivy Tech Indianapolis take?
    120 in both the fall and the spring. It is pretty competitive. If you get a C in any of the prerequisites, it will be hard to get into the RN program. You need to have mostly A's and a good TEAS...
    Nov 29, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  22. Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants
    csab, Are you not going to get the bundle that the bookstore has together for the students?
    Nov 26, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  23. Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants
    Sunny, You don't have a schedule in campus connect yet?
    Nov 25, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  24. Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants
    Sunny, Be patient regarding the schedules. Not everything is set yet and part of being in nursing school requires flexibility and patience. Clinical sites haven't been determined yet since the...
    Nov 16, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  25. Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants
    TB at the health department is only $10.
    Nov 14, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing