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  1. Australian NCLEX pass rates?
    Thank-you for the update Indeed, it is very inspiring that you did not settled for the path of least resistance... Perhaps, you may wish to document your experiences here, particularly in...
    Jan 7
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  2. Aussie getting to US - Paeds and Maternity?
    Explore a nursing course which offers a unit in critical care with clinical placement in med-surgical will fulfill this criteria.
    Jul 5, '14
    Forum: International Nursing
  3. Abusive Surgeon
    Whilst I am not condoning the behavior of the surgeon, I am still of the opinion that perhaps both of you (and anyone else involved in the working team) may benefit from a chat. Obviously,...
    Jun 20, '14
    Forum: Nursing in Australia / New Zealand
  4. Bureau of Comparative Education for a review of your education
    This may mean that further information is required to complete verification of your education. The very same thing happened to me last year. After waiting for nine months, CGFNS issued my...
    Jun 20, '14
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  5. Advice required for Australian going the E3 path
    Hi, I am in the same position as you. I will be returning to my university to study Paeds this year (with clinical placement) but they don't have a maternity course. Please share which...
    Jun 1, '13
    Forum: International Nursing
  6. Australian NCLEX pass rates?
    Alas, no. We were all mature aged students who went our separate ways after completing the course. Many Nursing Faculties have International Advisers whose role, inter alia, is to assist and guide...
    Apr 15, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  7. Australian NCLEX pass rates?
    Carter, The graduate entry course sounds ideal for you. There is no need to pursue a three-year course when the two-year course is sufficient. The program offers Mental Health, Children and...
    Apr 9, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  8. Australian NCLEX pass rates?
    G'day Carter, The issue with many Australian nursing programs is the deficiency in Maternity Nursing, which may preclude you from immediately registering with your State's Board of Nursing. This...
    Mar 30, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  9. Looking for information regarding being an emergency room nurse in Australia
    G'day, I work in ED of a major hospital in NSW We have five units within ED: - Acute - Sub Acute - Extended Stay - Pediatrics Emergency
    Mar 15, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Australia / New Zealand
  10. Passed CGFNS, want to work in US
    Australians have the option of pursuing the "E-3 Visa"*. This is only available for citizens of Australia. * Conditions apply.
    Feb 20, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  11. CGFNS CVS Requirements 2013: Secondary school diploma/certificate
    I didn't send my High School Certificate or Diploma as it was not required. Just send the three forms along with payment to CGFNS.
    Feb 17, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  12. American Born, Australian Trained-HELP! Please!
    If registration is incumbent upon "proof of a visa or employment", why don't you align yourself with a nursing agency. Effectively, the nursing agency becomes your employer whom, by default, also...
    Nov 8, '12
    Forum: International Nursing
  13. Any new grads having major employment problems?
    Perhaps, you could tell me wherein my original post did I mentioned that my thoughts were aimed at you. Nonetheless, thank-you for feeling some attachment to it. My original post argues that the...
    Oct 17, '12
    Forum: Nursing in Australia / New Zealand
  14. Any new grads having major employment problems?
    We have to view this situation with alot more maturity and better insight. There appears to be a misalignment between the knowledge/skills of a university-educated nurse and the demands of the...
    Oct 16, '12
    Forum: Nursing in Australia / New Zealand
  15. How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES
    Send this form directly to CGFNS. This is a consent form which authorises CGFNS to obtain a "transcript" of your nursing education directly from your college/university. CGFNS will write to your...
    Oct 7, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  16. Renton or Tacoma Community college international program
    I understand completely....I have been researching for the past nine months for a Maternity course and not getting any wiser. I even attended a post-grad session last week! Admittedly, I will be...
    Oct 1, '12
    Forum: International Nursing
  17. Renton or Tacoma Community college international program
    G'day, I am facing the same predicament. I could do Pediatrics in Australia. I would be considered as a non-award student and the unit would cost between $2300-$2500 (theory and practical...
    Oct 1, '12
    Forum: International Nursing
  18. Renton or Tacoma Community college international program
    G'day, Another Aussie here following the same pathway (but not to the same state)..... Are you lacking in Pediatrics and/or Maternity Nursing?
    Sep 30, '12
    Forum: International Nursing
  19. Future nursing from UK to USA
    G'day BB, I'm looking at various strategies to "make up" units as well Please tell us more about this program? Many thanks regards,
    Sep 15, '12
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  20. Nursing in California - Aussie Nurse - Process
    I still have not completed my clinical and it's been 12 months! My local hospitals (including my own place of employment), whilst very understanding and sympathetic, have informed me that clinical...
    Jun 18, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  21. Nursing in California - Aussie Nurse - Process
    I acknowledge the sentiment, which is why I replied to your post with the view that others will not waste time and monetary resources. Personally, I have already wasted $3000. The part where you...
    Jun 17, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  22. Nursing in California - Aussie Nurse - Process
    This is NOT correct information. There are many universities that offer Paeds and Maternity. These universities will accept students on a "non-award" basis. An official transcript will be issued...
    Jun 16, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  23. American Nurse Seeking to Work in Australia
    G'day, You need to be registered by AHPRA. They will assess your education/experience and guide you through the registration process. Hence, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency...
    May 6, '12
    Forum: Nursing in Australia / New Zealand
  24. anyone knows prevailing wage for e3 visa?
    The prevailing rate/wage/salary is the "market" rate for a nurse in the same position. It is not something you or her can decide but what the "market" is paying for a nurse of your...
    Apr 24, '12
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  25. Obtaining permission to sit NCLEX exam confusion
    No, it is not La Trobe but within the same state. I contacted a local university today who teaches Paeds and Maternity as a singular unit and was granted permission to study it as a "non-award"...
    Apr 23, '12
    Forum: Advice on Immigration