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  1. TGH or Florida Hospital Tampa
    Thanks alot I am also thinking of the commute but TGH would pay almost 5$/hr more Can you also tell me roughly how much deductions i would have per pay...I have never worked in the states, im from...
    May 4, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  2. TGH or Florida Hospital Tampa
    Hi everyone I have been offered a position at TGH with good pay but also similar position at Florida hospital with less pay..i am wondering which one is a better choice..i am from out of state and...
    May 3, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  3. Travel nursing or not in Florida
    Hi Ukjenn I want to find out if you have heard anything about cross country or cirrus medical staffing? I would like to take an assignment and get some incentives but would also really like to get...
    Mar 7, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  4. Travel nursing or not in Florida
    Hi renne My inbox is not full i can not send private msgs bc i guess i am not a very active member How else do you think we can communicate? thanks
    Mar 7, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  5. Travel nursing or not in Florida
    Thanks UKjenn, that sounds great So how do you suggest i can try what you are doing. doing contract while working with the hospital I really want to get more incentives from the hospitals also can...
    Mar 1, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  6. Travel nursing or not in Florida
    Hi dear nurses I am planning to relocate to Tampa, Florida I am undecided whether to take a travelling assignment or directly get hired by the hospital I know about the incentives that travel...
    Feb 23, '13
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  7. Tampa General...any thoughts
    I am also planning to relocate from Canada to Tampa, I already have my license and unsure which route to take, travel nursing or direct hire from the hospital. How can I get housing by the hospital,...
    Feb 22, '13
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  8. Florida (Tampa) VA hospitals
    I was wondering how hard it is to get a nursing/RN jobs at a VA hospital in tampa florida? Are they better places to work at?
    Oct 9, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  9. Tampa jobs
    Hi, I am planning to relocate to tampa. I would be interested in doing some travel nursing to get a feel of the city then work permanent. But i would not mind if i start at a nice place on a...
    Oct 9, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  10. Moving to California/Where?
    Hi all I have decided to move to california along with my family. I have dual citizenship and have worked in vancouver, bc for the last 3 years as an RN (bachelors) We are thinking about san jose...
    Sep 18, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  11. BCIT August 2012
    Hi friends I am a BCIT nursing graduate and came across this post and wanted to share some of my personal experience with you all. I graduated around 3 years ago and also have a BA from UBC prior...
    Apr 4, '12
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs