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  1. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    sad to say, the world is full of envy, greed, & pride, among many other evils. as members of the human family, we could all use an extra dose of generosity & humility.
    Jun 25, '10
    Forum: World Nursing
  2. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    just the reading of all of the comments that have been posted is an education in itself. glad to hear from you!
    Jun 18, '10
    Forum: World Nursing
  3. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    now i see what you mean about your experience with american nursing. doing a full head to toe assessment on a person with a sore finger does seem greatly excessive. in the u.s. each state has its...
    Jun 17, '10
    Forum: World Nursing
  4. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    of special interest to me is the remark about "american style nursing". since i know of no other, maybe you could id some of the differences between australian vs american nursing. i wonder if both...
    Jun 16, '10
    Forum: World Nursing
  5. The Day My Bucket List Changed
    indeed, we must always be prepared to expect the unexpected. life is full of challenges, along with good & bad experiences that go into producing who we are. just reading all of the stories on this...
    Jul 23, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. The Day My Bucket List Changed
    what an adventure story you had to tell ! i am so glad that you shared it. if you hadn't sent a note about my saudi arabia story, i would probably have missed reading your story. double thanks ! it...
    Jul 23, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    too bad that well trained professionals have not all been treated well in s.a. i recently read an article that could have some bearing on the ill treatment that sometimes happens. in the past,...
    Jul 21, '09
    Forum: World Nursing
  8. Any nurse working for King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah?
    saudi arabia-good idea or not is an article that has drawn responses from many nurses who have or are now serving in saudi. did you check it out ? some of the responses came from nurses who are...
    Mar 27, '09
    Forum: International Nursing
  9. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    hopefully, the good nurses will continue to do what they do best: *use their nursing skills to relieve suffering; *show compassion to all that they have contact with; * & seek after things that are...
    Aug 14, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  10. Patients who have changed my life
    thanks for writing your story. it answers the question of what defines a "nurse".
    Aug 14, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  11. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    massed: since the women in sa may not co-mingle with men, it makes sense that a male rn would not be found in the women's wing of a hospital. that shouldn't mean that the rn couldn't work in...
    Aug 9, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  12. The Truth About Nurse Recruiters - Bonus or Bogus
    you got it right ! remember the old saying, "buyer beware" that applies to job seekers also.
    Jul 13, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    Well said. Thanks.
    Jul 3, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  14. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    your comments offer a reality check for those who are contemplating taking an assignment in this exotic place.
    Jul 1, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  15. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    I never thought of it that way! Of coarse this patient's behavior in one of our American hospitals would not be understood. Neither would she ever understand how puzzling her actions would appear...
    Jun 3, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  16. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    if everyone in the world felt the way you do in the filipines, there would be an end to war, poverty, & famine. please continue to speak & minister. people will know you by your actions. you can't...
    Apr 13, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  17. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    thank you so much for taking the time to send the note. we need to hear from other muslims if we are to ever to loose our suspicions about their motives & their culture. are they friend or foe ? ...
    Apr 12, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  18. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    there have been a lot of questions r/t s.a. assignments. you will find excellent info by just doing a couple of searches. just type nursing jobs in saudi arabia into your favorite search engine. ...
    Apr 2, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  19. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    it would be great if you would come back to the website while on your s.a. assignment and give the rest of us some more answers. many of us identify with your usa experiences. good...
    Mar 25, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  20. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    I don't have 1st hand knowledge about what it takes to directly apply for a nursing position after entering S.A. But, you can access job openings at various S.A. locations that are posted on the...
    Mar 12, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  21. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    the rate of pay is dependent on many variables: 1)nationality, 2)agency you work for, 3)specialty area, 4)shift, 5)facility. 6)length of the assignment. the pay is often less if you contract...
    Feb 28, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  22. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    the comment is much appreciated. as you may have noticed the article received a little flac. have you been to or are you thinking about going to s.a.?
    Feb 15, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  23. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    welcome fil murse07. i am glad you found this website. sorry to hear about your struggles to make a living in your homeland. loneliness can be the worst part of any foreign assignment! if your...
    Jan 30, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  24. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    It's all in the eye of the beholder. As nurses, we try to apply critical thinking skills. But, not everyone interprets, what they see & experience, the same way. We can find many of the same...
    Jan 28, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  25. Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not
    Sometimes, fathers know best!
    Jan 28, '08
    Forum: World Nursing