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  1. Accelerated BSN at U of L - anyone going to the info sessions?
    I am a student at Bellarmine. I just started this semester. I plan to attend UL's accelerated orientation because I want to find out if it would be possible to switch. The odds are against me, but...
    Sep 14, '09
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  2. Humana
    I work at Humana right now and they do offer WAH (work at home) positions for RN's. They have 100% WAH positions available. From what I've heard many of the nurses make around $45-55,000 /yr. They...
    May 21, '09
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  3. What to do w/the pig?!!!!!! ANP 102 online
    What campus are you taking the A&P class ?? Is it A&P II? I am taking the online version of A&P and I'm signed up to take it out of the Gary campus - it requires that I purchase a dissection kit -...
    May 21, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  4. APHY 102 Online
    Does anyone know what the ANPY 102 Lab Dissection kits have in them. My campus does not carry the lab kits and I was thinking I may be able to order it online somewhere - other than at the school....
    May 18, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  5. APHY 102 Online
    I am enrolled in the Anatomy 2 course (15950) online that starts this summer. I have already taken anatomy 2, but I got a C in it. The big reason was because I could only attend the class during my...
    May 15, '09
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  6. Do Galen credits transfer?! October
    I enjoyed reading this thread. I am also debating going to Galen. I already hold a bachelor's degree in communications and I had applied to Spalding's accelerated BSN program, but didn't get in. This...
    Mar 18, '09
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  7. Accelerated BSN while working????
    I didn't realize SHPS had work at home. Thanks for the info. I will definitely be looking into that. We actually have work at home in my current position - but whether or not they are going to allow...
    May 26, '08
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  8. Accelerated BSN while working????
    Thank you for your reply Saving. I'm going to start applying for jobs early next year at the area hospitals. I currently work at Humana and what would be ideal is if I can get a work at home position...
    May 25, '08
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  9. Accelerated BSN while working????
    I'm in the process of taking the required prereqs for Spalding's accelerated BSN program. I really need some opinions about the intensity of the program. I work full time days making $30,000 per...
    Mar 3, '08
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  10. (!!!) From Accounting to Nursing: I'm in Louisville, KY and Need Your Advice (!!!)
    I got my degree in communications because I wanted to get out of school. I have a decent job making an average salary in Louisville, but I'm sitting in a cubicle all day and I absolutely HATE IT!!!!...
    Nov 25, '07
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing