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  1. Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?
    Thank you everybody for all the resources and info. I got my CCRN this December. Thanks again
    Dec 30, '09
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  2. Helpful Information for the CCU and other Critical Care Units
    Thank you Siri. I got a lot of help from prep for CCRN & now this is another wonderful set of reources. You all are great. Thanks again
    Nov 13, '09
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  3. Pacemaker learning
    can you send that to my email Thank you
    May 22, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  4. Pacemaker learning
    Hi ALCCRN, I am interested in getting the pacemaker learning chapter. Can you please share it with me. Thanks Rani
    Apr 13, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  5. Trasducer leveling
    Hi Janfrn, what is this "recal" stuff? just curious!!!!!
    Jan 5, '09
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  6. RNFA course
    Hi All Can anybody please tell me details about RNFA courses and the resources Thanks in advance
    Dec 11, '08
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  7. The Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Examination
    Hi I checked the requirements for says that I should have atleast 3 years of academic experience. Im a fresh MSN graduate in Nsg Education. Still trying for an academic job. So do I have to...
    Nov 9, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  8. Nurse Educators, Introduce Yourselves!
    Hi Im in CA, a new MSN holder. Attending different interviews @ different colleges. Thanks to the valuable comments from Vicky & Barbara. Can anybody give advice on CNE certification? Also tips on...
    Nov 8, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  9. Trasducer leveling
    Its not very clear what u r asking, but if its a laser pointer that are attached to pole, we use one for the ventriculostomy pts eventhough its not a very frequent procedure. let me know if thats...
    Oct 15, '08
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  10. Vital Sign & I/O Assessment frequency
    Hi All, Im working in a hospital where they are trying to find a nursing care delivery model. Part of that, they are trying to redefine the time we check vital signs & I/O in different units...
    Oct 7, '08
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  11. Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?
    Hi I am planning to take the test in March. Your posts are so encouraging. Can you share the personal message with tips to me, please?:confused:
    Oct 3, '08
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  12. CCRN exam
    You can find them in great
    Oct 3, '08
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  13. Question about meds and PCI
    :redbeatheAspirin is usually given to achieve enough thinning of blood in cath lab whereas Plavix is held because that may hinder the possibility of bypass surgery if needed immediately. Metformin...
    Oct 3, '08
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  14. V/S assessment frequency
    Hai, Can anybody tell how often V/S are checked in Cedar-Sinai Hospital in LA, CA
    Sep 20, '08
    Forum: California Nursing

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