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  1. Baptist College Of Health Sciences
    Sry post my thread on wrong reply, still working out the kinks on how to use
    Nov 27, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  2. Baptist College Of Health Sciences
    I was bumped up, but chose to fall back, do to gen eds. I just don't think taking gen eds with clinicals is beneficial for me. I was originally a Sum 09 entering program, but then they pushed me up...
    Nov 26, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  3. Head-to-Toe Assessment
    Does anyone have a simple Health assessment head to toe break down list, I will be starting in the fall 08 @ baptist, sure could use some pre knowledge. Thanks a bunch:confused::twocents::bow:
    Aug 21, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  4. Getting Started on
    Amazing video for the people who don't have time for time. Thanks Brian this video help me.:D I usually don't have as much time as I'd like to go on-line for extraactivities curriculum, but your...
    Jul 18, '08
    Forum: How To Use Site
  5. Anyone start their career late in Life?
    I am 41 years, old divorced w/ three children I'm in a class for the most with 30+ in age classmates, I'm in my 2nd year of nursing school, It's hard I have seen many come and go and for the most...
    Jun 26, '08
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing

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