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  1. helpful literature for new position
    <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width="100%" border=0><tbody><tr><td>managing quality </td><td>permalink </td></tr></tbody></table> <hr style="color: #e4e6eb" size=1><!-- / icon and title...
    Apr 14, '08
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  2. Please help setting up auditing tools
    You should check with your MDS coordinator and you will find indicators required for all residents. You can set them up in an Excel spreadsheet and update and graph the data monthly. Your facility...
    Apr 10, '08
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  3. Help with school project!!!
    the first thing that comes to mind is how are going to staff our health care facilities, clinics, surgi-centers, nursing homes, etc. speaking as a nurse about to retire, who will take care of me? ...
    Sep 6, '07
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  4. QI/QA Pay Scales
    most places i worked offered no difference in base pay regardless of where you worked. i did lose my shift and weekend differentials when i accepted my position in pi. my advice to you is go to...
    Apr 16, '07
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  5. need help with nursing theory, please~
    i think you are trying to narrow down your options to a single theory only. having working experience in critical care settings and the knowledge of the constantly changing complex needs of the...
    Apr 6, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  6. Any suggestions?
    The questions you asked are very much like I asked myself in 1970. I had completed two years of college majoring in Liberal Arts then Education. My life took a crazy twist and I enlisted in the Navy...
    Apr 6, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. QI vs, PI?
    I agree with the response you recieved. You may want to contact your HR department as to why they were posted differently? They may also have a full functional statements for each position, if they...
    Mar 22, '07
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  8. QM Department Structure
    the description of the different job expectations exceed what either the nurse or support staff can individually. as an example, peer review - completion/due dates/signatures/timelines/data...
    Dec 7, '06
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  9. QI Job for a new grad? (need advice)
    The job you describe is one of doing chart audits for appropriateness of care and/or clinical justification. If the audits you do are reviewed by the staff of where they originated from and they can...
    Nov 17, '06
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  10. QI Job for a new grad? (need advice)
    on face value it seems to be a good move; however how much training will you get if the job is for only six weeks? quality improvement includes knowledge and evaluation of current practice to...
    Nov 17, '06
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  11. Hands Off communication in psych setting (JCAHO)
    It is pretty easy to develop a checksheet in Excel with the elements your units feel is necessary to communicte with each other. e.g.: V/s ...
    Aug 21, '06
    Forum: Quality Improvement
  12. help with the qa process
    by j.m. katz and - mosby [font='times new roman']this is a great reference book that will tell you how to develop and maintain a good program. two nurses, who really understand what...
    Sep 12, '05
    Forum: Quality Improvement

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