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  1. recommendations
    Aside from ACLS & PALS, what other courses would be good to consider for me to take. I am graduating on Dec 14th and REALLY want to be a flight nurse. I know I have to work in ER and ICU but what...
    Dec 6, '07
    Forum: Flight Nursing / Surface Transport Nursing
  2. what shoes do you wear...
    Dansko Clogs...Say what you want as far as them being too feminine but they are the best shoes I wear, I have two pairs one for work (ER) and the second white pair for clinicals, I graduate next week...
    Dec 6, '07
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  3. Flight nursing
    I am a student who is less than 2 weeks till graduation. I will graduate with my Associate's degree in Nursing. I am wondering IF ANYONE has a suggestion what my plans should incude to become a...
    Nov 29, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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