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  1. Where are all the young nurses?
    I'm 25 and the youngest on my floor by around 15 years. Even the nursing students doing clinical rotations are older. I think it definitely has to do with the job shortage for new grads.
    May 1, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  2. How long did it take for you to find a job after graduating?
    I graduated in May 2011, passed the NCLEX in June 2011, and then promptly moved to another state to facilitate my love of skiing. I was hired February 2012, and it was an uphill battle.
    Mar 19, '12
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  3. Doctor's Office Interview
    Hello, I'm a new grad that has an interview with the doctor of an ENT office tomorrow. I have so far only been on hospital interviews. Should I expect anything different wtih an office interview?...
    Jan 27, '12
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  4. New Grad Looking for Job in New England Area/ Colorado
    Hi Ashley, I agree with Mommy. I graduated in May 2011 and moved to Colorado from Texas, and I haven't found anything. The job market in CO is abysmal. There are never jobs posted just for new...
    Jan 6, '12
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  5. Written Exam?
    Hello, I recently applied to a position in a state run correctional facility. I'm supposed to take some sort of nurse training and experience written exam next week. Does anyone know what this...
    Sep 24, '11
    Forum: Correctional Nursing
  6. UT Houston Summer 2010 Accelerated Program
    I got my letter yesterday and interview on the 20th!!! I'm so excited ... and relieved. How did everyone's interviews go?
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  7. UT Houston Summer 2010 Accelerated Program
    Hi kjw2010, I did pretty well on the NET, and my GPA is strong. Math: 97 Reading: 82 Science GPA: 4.0 Pre- Reqs GPA: 3.8 I still haven't received a letter, so I think I'm just gonna...
    Jan 10, '10
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  8. UT Houston Summer 2010 Accelerated Program
    Hi! Congrats to everyone that have received their interview letters. I have not gotten a letter yet, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with when my application was complete. I was...
    Jan 6, '10
    Forum: Texas Nursing

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