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  1. Noone is hiring new grads in the ATL area!?
    Looks like there are a fair number of job postings here
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  2. What's the job market like in Texas?
    Hi, I don't have any personal knowledge about Austin, however there appear to be a fair number of postings here. J
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  3. What Chicago Area Hospitals are hiring at the moment?
    Here's a good search - Chicago Hospital Nurse Jobs Cheers, J
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  4. If i don't find a job im going to go insane!!!!!!!!
    MizzLVN, Have you checked here - I use a lot...sort of like LinkedIn, but I find the job search much better for Healthcare.
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  5. New Grad California
    Hi Cali RN, Don't get discouraged. Have you seen all of these postings? J
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  6. Philly BSN grad: no jobs - wait it out or relocate?
    Here are a few in the Philly area - J
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
    Hi everyone, Here is a good link for new grad jobs J
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  8. Austin, TX
    Here's a link to some: Austin Nursing Jobs Texas Nursing Jobs
    Aug 11, '09
    Forum: Texas Nursing

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