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  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN Program
    Hello everyone!!! I have been reading all your posts which led me to go check of Chamberlain College. This looks like a great school, and from what I researched, the best of the private colleges out...
    Aug 11, '10
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  2. Colorado nursing schools acceptance
    Thanks everyone for your posts!!! I havent been back on here because I actually a trip down there and just got back! :D I'll defnietly do more research but its great to get started in the right...
    Jun 28, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  3. Colorado nursing schools acceptance
    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this but have been looking through the posts and I'm hoping I can get a little help and advice? I currently live in AZ but will more than likely be moving to Colorado at...
    Jun 22, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing

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