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  1. How much does an Oncology Nurse Practitioner make per year?
    Oooh I always used to get the willies when I had the "mental status change" patient on my timecard. It usually involved something being thrown at me and an eventual change of scrubs. But that was a...
    Oct 4, '11
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  2. No more smoking at work
    Oh gosh this is heated. My opinion, it is your body, do what you want to it. Actually I know that Anna Jaques in Newburyport, Ma drug tests for tobacco as part of their initial hiring process. I find...
    Oct 4, '11
    Forum: Nursing News
  3. Bone Marrow Biopsy
    In response to the previous poster, yes if my patient asks for pain meds or anti-anxiety meds prior to the procedure, of course I will give it to them. The last thing I want is my patient (who...
    Oct 4, '11
    Forum: Oncology Nursing
  4. Bone Marrow Biopsy
    I work in outpatient hem/onc. We do biopsies at the bedside outpatient clinic. They should not hurt. If they hurt, your MD/NP/PA has not numbed up the area enough/used enough lidocaine. The most...
    Oct 3, '11
    Forum: Oncology Nursing
  5. Northeastern Direct-Entry NP
    Hi folks, I went to this program. It was great. PM me to discuss in more detail.:)
    Sep 27, '11
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  6. How much does an Oncology Nurse Practitioner make per year?
    I work for a hospital in town. I do have to pay for parking which runs $40 a week. I live in the burbs so my rent is cheap. I actually really am looking to transition out of Oncology and into Occ...
    Sep 25, '11
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  7. How much does an Oncology Nurse Practitioner make per year?
    90K in Boston. But if you're anything like me the burnout makes it not worth it. I wish I had gone to acupuncture school instead so I could really help people instead of pump them full of chemo for...
    Sep 25, '11
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  8. Tufts nurses vote 70% to authorize strike
    I work at this hospital. The whole thing is really scary. I am an NP but I feel for the nurses on the floors. It will actually be an (at least) 5 day strike because they have to pay the hire-ins for...
    Apr 30, '11
    Forum: Collective Bargaining / Nursing Union
  9. RN or Accupuncture?
    I am so, so glad for this post. I first want to thank the OP for posting this topic as it is such a good one. I am an Oncology Nurse Practitioner. I have only ever done oncology, both as a nurse...
    Jul 27, '10
    Forum: Holistic Nursing
  10. Can we talk drug reps?
    I bring my lunch. I don't know about everyone else, but I am way to busy lately to take a lunch break, let alone sit and gab with a drug rep. Don't get me wrong, some have some very interesting...
    Jun 15, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  11. Coumadin, yes or no?
    Any sort of cancer history? A lot of folks who end up with clots have a malignancy floating around somewhere...or are bound for one.
    Feb 5, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  12. How bad is it...
    The other thing that factors in is that I will be interviewing (3rd and final interview) for my dream job this week and hope and pray that I get offered the position-it looks really good and they...
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  13. Job interview ? on salary expectations
    I like to say the following, after doing some research about the mean salaries of NP's in the geographic area: "I'd like to make a salary comparable/on par with what NP's in area are making." If...
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  14. Anemia: am I the only one who thinks it's all complicated?
    If you are suspecting B12 def check a 'MMA' methylmelonic acid-better indicator of B12 def. Most people who are B12 def got there in the first place because they do not absorb or do not have the...
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  15. How bad is it...
    Hello all, Thought I bounce something off an objective source. So here is a dilemma, hopefully not too vague. How bad is it to accept a job offer, and then reneg it if a more suitable situation...
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  16. Oncology NP
    I think that some med/surg is helpful but not paramount. I think that you get exposure to a lot of med/surg issues when working in oncology (people have issues despite their cancer, or as a result of...
    Jan 12, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  17. Oncology NP
    Just curious, what part of the country do you live in?
    Jan 11, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  18. Oncology NP
    Hi there. I had been working as an Oncology NP for 9 months...and prior to that worked as an Oncology RN for 3 + years. I left my ONC NP job as I was very unhappy, and also due to family illness. My...
    Jan 10, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  19. Stick it out or bail? 1st NP job-Please help!?!
    Hello everyone, I am faced with a dilemma--I have been working at my first NP job for about 5 months. My supervising physician has just told me that he is leaving the practice (he was AWESOME to...
    Sep 8, '09
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  20. Grandfather having surgery tomorrow
    Thanks everyone for your support! You guys are great. My pop made it through his surgery, it was successful, and he is doing okay. My mom, also a nurse is staying with him, and I will go up soon...
    Feb 27, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  21. Grandfather having surgery tomorrow
    Hello all. I rarely post, but I know I am among friends here and fellow nurses. I too am a nurse, and have been for 2+ years. My 90-year-old grandfather will be having bowel surgery tomorrow, for...
    Feb 26, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  22. Staying focused and calm
    Staying calm...different for everyone. We all get harried, in some ways, med-surg is harder than ICU because you have more patients, maybe it's just different. I have no problem asking for help and...
    Feb 14, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. Birth Control Pills and Fertility
    From the literature I have read...the return of fertility, that is, the ability to get pregnant either purposefully or not, after stopping the pill depends on the pill and the person's baseline...
    Feb 7, '08
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  24. "VIP" Patients
    I remember my nurse manager coming to me one day, I was taking care of a patient who she said was a 'vip.' I said to her straight out, 'well, all of my patients are vip's' She says,...
    Jan 14, '08
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  25. I don't hate nursing!
    Thanks for your post-I feel you. I gage my days by the amounts of hugs I get. A few days ago I had a 3-hug day. 2 patients gave me a hug and thanked me for all of my ( and the other staffs') hard...
    Jan 11, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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