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  1. Moving closer to DC...
    This has nothing to do with nursing but.... I am a new graduate nurse currently still applying for jobs but I am also in the process of moving closer to DC. Do any of you have clue on the cost of...
    Aug 29, '12
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  2. Howard University...PLEASE HELP!!
    Hi Jessica, Congratulations on your acceptance! I recently was told by some of the other students that they changed the requirements for the program and some of the nursing classes, so I'm not...
    Mar 11, '10
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  3. Howard University...PLEASE HELP!!
    Yes I am a current nursing student at HU and amongst all the protest and negative media reportings, it is evident that the Divison of Nursing is working to improve their students test scores in order...
    Feb 18, '10
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  4. For Current Anne Arundel CC Nursing Students
    Why do so many people think that you are supposed to wear white undergarments under a white uniform?? NO, please it is nude or black undergarments. Its very tacky to see a white bra and panties...
    Dec 8, '09
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  5. Howard University Nursing Students
    Any new grads, juniors, or seniors willing to share their experiences and feelings about the program? Please share:) Thankx
    Sep 5, '09
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  6. TEAS or  NET exam for AACC nursing program needed ???
    Do you have to take the TEAS or NET exam and if so when do you take it? What is the score for passing?
    Sep 5, '09
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  7. Any Arundel Comm. College Students here?
    Can anyone tell me if aacc nursing's program requires the TEAS or NET exam and if so at what point do you take the exam?
    Sep 5, '09
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  8. Is it possible to successful in nursing school.....
    It seems as though every nursing student I run into had about a 3.5 gpa and above in the prereqs before entering nursing school yet every now and then I meet someone who is applying to nursing school...
    Jul 20, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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