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  1. Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application
    Hey everyone, I also got an acceptance e-mail for CNM pre-specialty! And blackbird, I am also logging in at work--yikes! Too excited not to share. Best of luck to everyone still waiting.
    Feb 20, '12
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  2. Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application
    barbaraleev--I think your interview was right after mine! It sounds similar, two women on speaker phone and me, babbling away. I was really nervous at the beginning but calmed down by the end. ...
    Feb 4, '12
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  3. Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application
    I can't PM yet...but good luck at your interview! I also tried to schedule for Fri morning and they were full. Everyone must have had the same idea!
    Jan 31, '12
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  4. Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application
    Hi everyone, I've lurked for awhile (not nice, I know) and am applying for the CNM specialty. This forum has been so helpful, so thanks to everyone who has shared about their application process! ...
    Jan 30, '12
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing

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