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  1. 12 hour shifts...3 is plenty
    Nursing is a second career for me. I graduated with my BSN last June at the age of 53. I have a partner of 22 years, but no children. He teaches four nights a week. My walk to/from work takes about...
    Mar 1, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  2. darn shaky hands
    I enjoyed reading the posts here, and just wanted to pass along a suggestion to those whose shaky hands give them trouble in clinical. I, too, have this problem, which was identified by one of my...
    Jun 15, '10
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  3. Where do I find this impossible request for research articles?
    Don't forget to search any and all terms related to ESRD or CRD. I would especially suggest "dialysis," as this is a common treatment for many renal patients and is an area with lots of nursing...
    Nov 13, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  4. A bit discouraged
    Nursing will be a second career for me (after 20 years in advertising), and a number of my nursing friends (both men and women) attempted to dissuade me from pursuing it. I'd say the pros and cons...
    Nov 10, '09
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  5. Night Shift
    Although I won't graduate until next May, I recently started working as an ESN (Employed Student Nurse) on a Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery unit. Here in British Columbia (Canada), normal shift work...
    Aug 27, '09
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  6. Ages of male nursing students?
    I was 50 when I started and will be 53 when I graduate next year. This is my second or third career (depending on the criteria for "career") and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm in a class that started...
    Apr 24, '09
    Forum: Male Nursing Student

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