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  1. Saudi- MOH
    oneproudigorot.... you can go to POEA in your area and ask for the requirements. they accept nurses like us who do not have work experience. a classmate of mine has no hospital experience, too,...
    Jan 2, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  2. Saudi- MOH
    Hi! Me and my friends are thinking of gping to study to work there as nurses. We want to be close together (this is the number 1 condition of our parents before they allow us to work in KSA). What...
    Dec 27, '07
    Forum: World Nursing
  3. New Mexico Licensure Question
    i don't know if the info i got is correct but i was told that if you applied for registration in NM BON, you receive your eligibility as well as ATT in around 3 months. i was also told that the ATT...
    Aug 3, '06
    Forum: New Mexico Nursing

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