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  1. Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants
    please pm me the address and telephone number. THANKS
    Jun 29, '10
    Forum: Nursing in Philippines
  2. New grad Filipino nurse wanting to work in Australia/New Zealand
    my cousin has 15 month experienced as a nurse, and she only needs ielts in order to get a student visa for her 6-month bridging program on February next year (study and work) 9000 AUD...i think this...
    Oct 27, '08
    Forum: Advice on Immigration
  3. HELP PLease!!! R.N. in Philippines just migrated in Canada
    could you please send me a pm about this, im also a newly RN here in the philippines and im planning to work in canada.
    Mar 4, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  4. It's Official We are definitely short staffed
    my friend is currently working in Japan as a registered nurse, do u have any idea of MIGRANT BRIDGING PROGRAM? and do he needs to study for 6 months to 1 year. Do u know any schools or unviersities...
    Feb 6, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  5. Questions about moving from Canada to OZ
    do the new nurses get sign up bonus in australia like most of the hospitals here in the U.S. And what is the best public hospital in brisbane? ur replies would greatly appreciated. TNX!
    Feb 6, '07
    Forum: International Nursing

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