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  1. Thoughts on differences in admission criteria/acuity of urban vs rural stepdowns?
    I work in a hospital 20 minutes outside of a large city in the stepdown unit. I wouldn't describe it as 'rural' per se, but maybe 'suburban'. The acuity of patients, med drips, etc. sounds very...
    Jul 15, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  2. Lessons Learned - Choose Your School Wisely
    I almost hope not! I definitely would not want to work alongside her. Life is hard, for everyone, everywhere, usually all of the time. I went to nursing school with waaay too many people who would...
    Jul 15, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  3. Kent State Tusc or Geauga?
    I went to Ashtabula, had a wonderful experience. As far as I know I think Geagua is a BSN campus.
    Jul 15, '12
    Forum: Ohio Nursing
  4. Case Western Reserve University Fall 2012
    Good luck everyone! I'm just a lowly :) ICU nurse in CLE but I aspire to be in your shoes one day!
    Jul 6, '12
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist

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