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  1. kaplan college in Vista
    FEb. is actually the best time to start the program because you can recieve the 2009 and 2010 FAFSA grants, and cal grants, there are a few others that the school automatically filed for me, i do...
    Aug 9, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  2. kaplan college in Vista
    i would not recomend for anyone to go to kaplan in entire class would agree, you pay 30k and cant even use their printers! the only good think about kaplan is the progrm is accelerated so...
    Jul 15, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. Opinions on Kaplan...
    hi- i go to kaplan in Ca and it is a rip off, but worth it so you can start working as an LVN while going for your BSN. its 30k here in CA. so far the only problem i have had with the school is the...
    Jul 15, '09
    Forum: Nebraska Nursing
  4. Kaplan College San Diego LVN Program
    I PASSED!! yay 86% see you on the 16th! SO EXCITED!:dance:
    Feb 2, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  5. Kaplan College San Diego LVN Program
    they told me a little over 30k for the entire year and that includes all the books and test fees.
    Jan 25, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  6. Kaplan College San Diego LVN Program
    Jeane was my advisor but i guess she just got promoted. I will be taking my wonderlick test on mon. then they schedule the hesi. wish me luck! see you soon
    Jan 24, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  7. Kaplan College San Diego LVN Program
    Thanks so much everyone for the info! To answer your question mamyof3 the lvn program is 1year and is about 30k. however you may be able to get a grant for about 10k (in CA) and student loans. As...
    Jan 22, '09
    Forum: California Nursing
  8. Kaplan College San Diego LVN Program
    Im working on getting into that class. still have to take the HESI entrance exam. Did you take it already? Do you know if the AP section is on the test or if you can use calculators?
    Jan 19, '09
    Forum: California Nursing